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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest European Baby Names Starting with Ro with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute european baby names starting with ro with meaning. Get modern and latest europe, christian, english, germanic baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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European Baby Names Beginning with Ro

Name Meaning Gender
Roald Famous Ruler|Famous leader|He ... Boy
Roane A red Boy with ginger hair|Red... Boy
Roano Reddish brown skin... Boy
Roar A fighter of Heaven|Fighter of... Boy
Roark Famous ruler|He who is famous ... Boy
Roarke Gaelic - Mighty; Illustrious; ... Boy
Rob Roy Red Rob... Boy
Rob A Short Form of Robert|Abbrevi... Boy
Robb Abbreviation of Robert 'Famed;... Boy
Robbe Germanic - Bright famous one; ... Boy
Robbert A bright acclaim|One who is br... Boy
Robbey One who is famously acclaimed... Unisex
Robbi A Familiar Form of Roberta|A b... Unisex
Robbie A familiar form of robert|Abbr... Unisex
Robby A familiar form of robert|Abbr... Unisex
Robena A shinning, glowing fame|Brigh... Girl
Robers A renown and glowing man... Boy
Robert 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Robert... Boy
Roberta A woman who is acclaimed and g... Girl
Roberto Bright Fame|Bright with Fame, ... Unisex
Roberts Germanic - Bright famous one; ... Boy
Robertson A son of the bright and famous... Boy
Robeson The son of a famous and bright... Boy
Robi Bright Fame; Shining with Fame... Boy
Robin 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' P... Unisex
Robina Blessing With Love, Waterfall|... Unisex
Robinet Bright fame|He whose fame is b... Boy
Robinetta She who burns with fame|Small ... Girl
Robinette A Familiar Form of Robin|She i... Girl
Robley Germanic - Bright famous one; ... Boy
Robrecht Germanic - Bright famous one; ... Boy
Roburts Bright fame... Boy
Robyn Bright fame|Famous|Feminine fo... Unisex
Rocco Battle Cry,rest|One who rests|... Unisex
Roce He who is as hard as a rock... Boy
Roch Glory|He who seeks and finds g... Unisex
Roche Ewe, Female sheep|One who is l... Unisex
Rochel A Form of Rochelle|She is a ro... Girl
Rochelle A woman who is like a rock|Fro... Unisex
Rochildis A pretty rock... Boy
Rochus An inactivity, resting... Boy
Rocio Covered In Dew|Dew|Dewdrops... Unisex
Rock A Form of Rock|A Rock|Germanic... Boy
Rocke Rock... Boy
Rockford French - Strong Rock; Rockferd... Boy
Rocko One who enjoys inactivity... Boy
Rocky Battle Cry,rest|From The Rocks... Boy
Roco To be resting... Boy
Rod A Short Form of Penrod|Diminut... Boy
Roda A Rose|Rose... Girl
Rodas A beautiful garden of roses|Ga... Boy
Rodd A ruler who is well-known and ... Boy
Roddric A renewn, famous ruler of men|... Boy
Roddrick A ruler who is famous among pe... Boy
Roddy A Familiar Form of Roderick|A ... Boy
Rode Pink... Boy
Rodel A legendary, acclaimed King|Fa... Unisex
Rodell Famous ruler... Boy
Roden He who is from the red valley|... Boy
Roderic A legendary ruler of men|Famou... Boy
Roderica A woman who is a legendary lea... Girl
Roderick A famous ruler|Famed ruler|Fam... Unisex
Roderiga Notable leader... Girl
Roderigo 'The Tragedy of Othello' Rejec... Boy
Roderik Famous Ruler|Germanic - Famous... Boy
Roderika Famous ruler... Girl
Roderyck One who is a notable ruler... Boy
Rodgers Variation of Roger, meaning fa... Boy
Rodi A notably powerful person... Boy
Rodion A song of the hero warrior... Boy
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