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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest European Baby Names Starting with Ch with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute european baby names starting with ch with meaning. Get modern and latest europe, christian, english, germanic baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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European Baby Names Beginning with Ch

Name Meaning Gender
Chabeli A Form of Chablis... Girl
Chablis -Not Available-... Girl
Chace A Form of Chase|A strong hunts... Boy
Chad A saint; they protect and are ... Boy
Chadd A Form of Chad|Name of a saint... Boy
Chadee -Not Available-... Girl
Chadwik A warrior who stands for his p... Boy
Chadwyck The dairy farm of Ceadda... Boy
Chago Heel|The holder of heel; a sai... Boy
Chaim Alive|Crooked|Life... Unisex
Chaise A Form of Chase|An efficient h... Boy
Chait Catlike... Boy
Chale strong and manly... Boy
Chalice A cup or a goblet|Cup|Goblet... Girl
Chalina Form of Rosa|Rose|Variant of R... Girl
Challen Shining Moon... Unisex
Chalmar Lord of the home... Boy
Chalmer Lord of the home|Rules the hom... Boy
Chalmers A servant|Lord of the Househol... Boy
Chambers The one who is a servant... Boy
Chambray A Lightweight Fabric|The light... Girl
Champagne -Not Available-... Girl
Chan A level headed individual|Belo... Unisex
Chanait A graceful person|The one who ... Boy
Chanak Father of Chaanakya|Graceful y... Boy
Chance A Short Form of Chancellor|Cha... Unisex
Chanceller The one having good luck... Boy
Chancellor A gamble; fortunate|Record Kee... Boy
Chandell A candle... Unisex
Chandelle Candle|Everlasting candle... Unisex
Chandler A candle-maker and seller|Cand... Unisex
Chandley A candle seller... Boy
Chane Dependable|Name of A God, Depe... Unisex
Chanel Channel|Fashionable|Name of th... Girl
Chanell A Form of Chanel|Canal; channe... Girl
Chanelle A Form of Chanel|Canal; channe... Girl
Chaney An Oak Plant|Oak|Oak tree; oak... Boy
Chango Variant of Chago: Heel... Boy
Chanler A Form of Chandler|Maker of ca... Boy
Chann Beauteous, Beloved|Beauteous; ... Unisex
Channe A young Wolf|Young wolf... Boy
Channelle A Form of Chanel|Canal; channe... Girl
Channing A Canon|An official of the chu... Unisex
Channon Wolf's babies; the wise one|Yo... Boy
Chano Abbreviation for Name Ending i... Boy
Chantae A sweet amd memorable song|Sin... Girl
Chantal A building stone|Place of ston... Unisex
Chantale Song|Stony place... Girl
Chantalle Derived from Cantal; a small s... Girl
Chantay A melodious song|Singer. To si... Girl
Chante A singer|Singer. To sing. Song... Girl
Chantel A Form of Chantal|Singer. To s... Unisex
Chantele A Form of Chantal|A stony plac... Girl
Chantell A Form of Chantal|A cheerful a... Unisex
Chantelle A Form of Chantal|A large rock... Unisex
Chanti Peace|Supplanter|The one who d... Unisex
Chantia A Form of Chante|A boulder; st... Girl
Chantile A Form of Chantal... Girl
Chantilly A name for lace; whipped cream... Girl
Chantrell Singer. To sing. Song|Song... Girl
Chantrice Singer... Girl
Chapalu Name of a monster... Boy
Chapin Clergyman... Boy
Chappel From the chapel|One Who Comes ... Boy
Chappell From the chapel|One Who Comes ... Boy
Char A charming free man... Unisex
Chara A man who loves freedom and ad... Unisex
Charalambos Glowing with joy... Boy
Charalampos Shining happiness... Boy
Chardae A Short Form of Chardonnay|A s... Girl
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