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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest East Indian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z East Indian Baby Unisex Names List

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East Indian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute east indian baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest east india, hindu, indian, hindi baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Sushanta Quiet|Quiet or silence, a man ... Unisex
Hemachandra Golden Moon|Golden Moon; Brigh... Unisex
Kuberchand God of Wealth|God of Wealth; G... Unisex
Gagan Lord Siva; Heaven; Sky; Load M... Unisex
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus|Lover of Lotus;... Unisex
Charu Agreeable|Agreeable, Charming,... Unisex
Shivani Another Name For Parvati|Beaut... Unisex
Mahendi A Paste of Leaves... Unisex
Divija A goddess|Born In Heaven|Born ... Unisex
Meera A Devotee of Krishna|A Devotee... Unisex
Tuhina Dew Drop|Dew; Snow|Snow... Unisex
Joshika A young maiden; Cluster of bud... Unisex
Juhi A Flower|A flower, Jasmine; Li... Unisex
Premila Charming and Conciliatory; Que... Unisex
Jalpa A Gujarati name meaning discus... Unisex
Agasti Name of A Sage|Name of a Sage;... Unisex
Lalana A Beautiful Woman|A Girl|A Gir... Unisex
Mrigendra Lion|Lion, Brave|The Lion... Unisex
Girika Girika means The Heart of the ... Unisex
Abhayananda Delighting In Fearless|Delight... Unisex
Jyotsna Goddess Durga; Moonlight; Lust... Unisex
Agnivesh Bright As The Fire|Bright as t... Unisex
Neel Blue|Champion; Blue; Treasure;... Unisex
Lakshan Aim|Aim; Activities|Person who... Unisex
Gunjana Buzzing of A Bee|Humming of be... Unisex
Magan A woman who is alluring as a p... Unisex
Chandira Derived from Sanskrit meaning ... Unisex
Sanjana Calm, mild in temperament and ... Unisex
Balveer Immense Strength, Powerful|Mig... Unisex
Sadhan Fulfillment|Fulfilment|Fulfulm... Unisex
Maitreyi A Learned Woman of The Past|A ... Unisex
Joginder Establishing Union With God|Es... Unisex
Mayil Full of Grace And Beauty Like ... Unisex
Ellora Clouds|Clouds; Also name given... Unisex
Abhinava Modern; New; Fresh; A Sakta No... Unisex
Patralika A new leaf; a new or fresh sta... Unisex
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth|Goddess of W... Unisex
Popo A very tall grass of rye|Lovel... Unisex
Marichika A person who is a mirrage of r... Unisex
Vatsala A loving and caring woman|Affe... Unisex
Lakshya Aim|Aim, Destination, Target|A... Unisex
Pushpita Decorated With Flowers|Decorat... Unisex
Sachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Followi... Unisex
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star|Beau... Unisex
Zaanjar A Girl Ornament of Leg|A girl ... Unisex
Kshipra Kshipra in a name of an Indian... Unisex
Spandana Motivation|Motivation; React; ... Unisex
Vanamala Garland of Forests|Garland of ... Unisex
Savarna Daughter of The Ocean|Daughter... Unisex
Menaha Celestial Damsel|Celestial dam... Unisex
Puja Derived from Pooja; Worship; I... Unisex
Shanti A Short Form of Shantia|Peace|... Unisex
Subrata Devoted To What Is Right|Devot... Unisex
Samali A girl lovely as a bouqet|Bouq... Unisex
Bhavana Affection; Feeling; Imaginatio... Unisex
Iraj A Character In Shahnameh|A Cha... Unisex
Jwala Fire; Flame; Bravery|Flame|Jwa... Unisex
Manju A lovely person with beautiful... Unisex
Arjav Forthright; Straight Forward; ... Unisex
Yukta A Latitude|Attentive, Skillful... Unisex
Tilaka A Kind of Necklace|A kind of n... Unisex
Kalipada A Devotee of Goddess Kali|A De... Unisex
Vinita Decent; Domesticated|Humble; U... Unisex
Vasudha Earth|Earth, Giver of wealth|E... Unisex
Jai Conqueror|Conqueror, Defeater,... Unisex
Tista A River|A Tributary of Ganga R... Unisex
Keva Beautiful child. Feminine of K... Unisex
Adalarasu King of Dance|King of Dance; o... Unisex
Gauhar A Pearl|Cow Like; White|Diamon... Unisex
Jyotishmati Jyotishmati means Glowing or B... Unisex

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