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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Dane Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Dane Baby Girl Names List

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Dane Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute dane baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest native american, american indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Bo A Form of Beau|A Form of Bogar... Unisex
Anesa Chaste, Holy... Girl
Majken A child that was dearly wished... Girl
Agneta Fire|Poor, chaste, pure|Pure... Girl
Christian A Follower of Christ|Annointed... Unisex
Ailsa Consecrated To God|Danish form... Girl
Dakin Danish... Girl
Soren Danish form of Thor|Reddish br... Unisex
Odell Ode, Melody|Of the valley|Otte... Unisex
Margarete One who loves pearls|Pearl... Girl
Helle 'Blessed, holy'; Daughter of A... Girl
Grette The Pearl|The Pearl, The beaut... Girl
Valentin Brave|Healthy|Healthy, Strong... Unisex
Bergitte Danish form of Bridget... Girl
Anezka Chaste, Holy|Czechoslovakian f... Girl
Pedrine Feminine of Pedar... Girl
Britta Danish form of Bridget|Exalted... Girl
Abelone Enemy Destroyer|One who destro... Girl
Federikke Feminine form of Frederik... Girl
Abellona Mannish|The sun Goddess... Girl
Karren Abbreviation of Katherine. Pur... Girl
Annemette Bitter pearl... Girl
Dorete A gift sent by God; trustworth... Girl
Astrid A Girl who is divinely beautif... Girl
Trine A innocent or cute person|Inno... Girl
Bodil Bettering in battle, Compensat... Unisex
Ase Ase is a variation of Asa and ... Unisex
Karen Abbreviation of Katherine. Pur... Unisex
Gitte Exalted One|The name Gitte mea... Girl
Noah Comfort|In Hebrew, it means 'r... Unisex
Margrethe Old Greek - Pearl; A variation... Girl
Karrin Abbreviation of Katherine. Pur... Girl
Grete Pearl|Pearl; German, Danish an... Girl
Eva Alive, Living|Beauty, Alive, L... Girl
Alma A young woman, Damsel|All Good... Unisex
Larine Feminine form of Lars... Girl
Rebekka A Form of Rebecca|A girl who t... Girl
Jannicke God is Gracious|Gracious God... Girl
Mia Always Smiling; Beauty; Belove... Unisex
Longina Long... Girl
Rebekkah She who traps and baits people... Girl
Kiersten Follower of Christ|Kiersten me... Unisex
Gretta Pearl|Resembling a pearl|They ... Girl
Sorine Feminine form of Sorin... Girl
Anna Grain which in a mystical sens... Unisex
Ditte Gift of God... Girl
Vibeke Little woman|War... Girl
Gelsomina A kind of shrub with white col... Girl
Dagmar A mother|Day|Day maid... Unisex
Niel Champion|The good news from Go... Unisex
Jen Danish form of John|Dutch form... Unisex
Birgitte Comes from old Norse 'bjart' m... Girl
Stina Christian|Follower of Christ|S... Girl
Bine A form of Bin, meaning bee|Sup... Girl
Gudrun Divine knowledge|Friend in war... Girl
Abelie Form of French name Abel which... Girl
Kristen Follower of Christ|Kristen mea... Unisex
Karan A Warrior|A warrior, Instrumen... Unisex
Thyra Feminine form of Thor|Feminine... Girl
Lovise Famous Warrior... Girl
Gjerta Protection... Girl
Thora Feminine form of Thor|Thunder|... Girl
Kristine A woman whose relgion is Chris... Girl
Gry Dawn|Dawn, Charming, Lovely, B... Girl
Inger Daughter of a hero|Enclosure|S... Unisex
Else Concecrated to god|Danish form... Girl
Ebba Flowing tide|It means strong|R... Girl
Emil Derived from Roman clan name w... Unisex
Birthe Bright... Girl
Tilde A title or a superscription|Mi... Girl

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Arapaho Indian Choctaw Indian
Dane Hopi Indian
Iroquois Indian Miwok
Navajo Indian Omaha Indian
Sioux Zuni Indian

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