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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Christian Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute christian baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest catholic, protestant, orthodox baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Christian Baby Girl Names List

Christian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Hariea The long field... Girl
Dariann A gift... Girl
Jaylene A Form of Jaylyn|Feminine vari... Unisex
Regena A reagal woman who is the Quee... Girl
Tya Sister of the father or mother... Girl
Thendral Breeze... Unisex
Ardouyd Skylark... Girl
Kahuiwi Cloak particular to a certain ... Girl
Maisie A child of light; pearl|Diminu... Girl
Mellie Old Greek - Black; Dark; Highb... Girl
Jeramee Honour or esteem of the Lord... Girl
Luzviminda Mythological Roman Goddess of ... Girl
Marshay A form of marsha... Girl
Hasseenah Beautiful with attractive face... Girl
Daylin A beautiful and productive day... Unisex
Jannine A funny, loveable, hyper child... Girl
Laveni Tongan word for the lavender s... Girl
Stephaine Crown... Girl
Geney Refers to confinement or birth... Girl
Ifedolaoluwa God has blessed our love... Girl
Hilli Cloud-berry... Girl
Alis Brother of Cliges|Dignified; K... Unisex
Stephenie Crown... Girl
Freia It refers to a woman who the L... Girl
Tiffeney One who start understanding th... Girl
Kavela Kavela The Flower Lotus|The Lo... Unisex
Sisely A woman who can't see... Girl
Neo New|New, Gift|The talented one... Unisex
Folake One who is taken care with wea... Girl
Ceeja A spiritual person... Girl
Naaja Gull, seagull... Girl
Opal A Jewel or Precious Stone|A tr... Unisex
Judee Praise|The one who is optimist... Unisex
Vanity Inflated in pride|Vain... Girl
Stephanie A Crown of garland|Crown|Crown... Girl
Greg Diminutive of Gregory, meaning... Unisex
Tameeka Twin... Girl
Guillermo They value truth,justice and d... Unisex
Dyllan An influencial person; sea|Fro... Unisex
Jewel An accessory used as a decorat... Unisex
Cassee Brave... Girl
Rosie A Familiar Form of Rosalind|A ... Girl
Sylke Sylke is a form of Cecilia and... Girl
Henryka Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ru... Girl
Selvi Happy Prosperous Daughter|Sign... Girl
Yomawu Call on God... Girl
Evelin A Form of Evelyn|Form of Evely... Girl
Cali Most beautiful. Diminutive of ... Girl
Leotie Flower of The Prairie|One who ... Girl
Carin Keel; Little darling|Pure|She ... Girl
Domini Lord... Girl
Tanaquil She who is worshipped in the h... Girl
Vineetha Humble; Unassuming; Obedience;... Girl
Tangakin A precious girl|precious... Girl
Matty A Familiar Form of Matthew|Dim... Unisex
Maribell A combination of maria & isabe... Girl
Ankitha Auspicious marks|Conquered; A ... Girl
Jann A genie|God is gracious, in th... Unisex
Hycca A kind of fish found from Athe... Girl
Walentyna Healthy, Strong|Strong and sou... Girl
Anayis The Immaculate... Girl
Sovia One with great wisdom and skil... Girl
Kaari A small and srong woman|Kaari ... Girl
Kaylene Beloved|Beloved, Sweetheart. A... Unisex
Oscar A spear of the gods / a friend... Unisex
Julliana Youthful... Girl
Franccesca Free, or from france... Girl
Davon A Form of Davin|Determined wor... Unisex
Domonique A Form of Dominique|A Lord; th... Unisex
Audree A Form of Audrey|A divine stre... Girl
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