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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Bulgarian Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Bulgarian Baby Girl Names List

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Bulgarian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute bulgarian baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest bulgaria, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Teodora Gift from God|Gift of God|Give... Girl
Nevena Marigold|Showy yellow or orang... Girl
Kalina A Flower Name and Place Name; ... Girl
Linda Beautiful|Beautiful woman; Ser... Girl
Kristina A woman of Christian faith|Chr... Unisex
Mariya A Form of Maria|Beloved|Belove... Girl
Nadejda Believing in the honesty and r... Girl
Radoslava Caring, Glorious|Feminine form... Girl
Donka Feminine form of Andon, meanin... Girl
Branimira Feminine form of Branimir, mea... Girl
Iva A climbing evergreen ornamenta... Girl
Ivet Bulgarian form of Yvette, mean... Girl
Valentin Brave|Healthy|Healthy, Strong... Unisex
Toma Palm Tree|Palm Tree, Strong|Ro... Unisex
Ilina My God is Yahweh|Possessing Hi... Unisex
Varvara Bulgarian form of Barbara, mea... Girl
Blagorodna A noble woman|Noble... Girl
Elisaveta God Is My Oath|One who is full... Girl
Yana God Gifted; God is Gracious; P... Girl
Irina Peace... Girl
Tereza Harvester|Harvester, Fortune B... Girl
Eva Alive, Living|Beauty, Alive, L... Girl
Lyubov Love|To love others... Girl
Tsveta Colour, Flower|Feminine form o... Girl
Ivana Feminine of Ivan|God Is Gracio... Girl
Emil Derived from Roman clan name w... Unisex
Petia From Petya, a female variant o... Girl
Nikolina A Form of Nicole|One who achie... Girl
Zara Blooming flower|Blossom|Bright... Girl
Ivan Archer|Archer; God's Gracious ... Unisex
Yuliana A 4Th Century Saint Who Was Ma... Girl
Zora Born at dawn, aurora|Dawn|Dawn... Unisex
Roza A Rose|A Rose (flower)|Garden;... Girl
Lyuben Love|Love, Lovable... Unisex
Aleksandrina Defender of Mankind... Girl
Milan 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' The ... Unisex
Todorka Bulgarian feminine form of The... Girl
Yordana Bulgarian form of Jordan, mean... Girl
Desislava Glory|Glory or finding glory... Girl
Stefan Crown|Crown; wreath. Variant o... Unisex
Bilyana Bulgarian version of Biljana, ... Girl
Dessislava Glory... Girl
Ludmilla The one who loves people... Girl
Vasilka Bulgarian feminine form of Bas... Girl
Borislava Fame In Battle, Battle Glory|F... Girl
Emiliya Rival|it means to work hard... Girl
Krasimira Beautiful, Peaceful|Feminine f... Girl
Snezhana A snowy woman|Snow Woman... Girl
Evangeliya Bulgarian feminine form of Eva... Girl
Olga Holy|Prosperous, Successful, H... Unisex
Bogdana A woman who is god-given|Gift ... Girl
Borka He is a good fighter|Stranger... Unisex
Boyana Bulgarian form of Bojana, mean... Girl
Vessela Happy... Girl
Zornitsa Morning Star... Girl
Yordanka Flowing Down|Yordanka is Bulga... Girl
Maya A Princess; Wealth; To Increas... Unisex
Anton A flourishing man, of an ancie... Unisex
Boyka Feminine form of Boyko, meanin... Girl
Darina Feminine of Darius; a Persian ... Girl
Lyudmila A dear person who loves and fe... Girl
Katerina Katerina means The Pure and th... Girl
Magdalena From the High Tower|Of Magdala... Unisex
Grozdana -Not Available-... Girl
Rada Care, Happy|Happy|Rose or joy... Girl
Evgeniya A woman who is good by burth|W... Girl
Svetlana Light|Light, World|She who shi... Girl
Silviya Art Full|From The Forest... Girl
Tatiana Fairy Princess|Fairy, Princess... Girl
Raina A beautiful princess; Night|A ... Girl

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