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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Buddhist Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute buddhist baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest cambodian, thai, burmese, buddhism baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Buddhist Baby Boy Names List

Buddhist Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Cetan Hawk... Boy
Jochi Son of Chenghiz... Boy
Chiko A pledge|Arrow, Pledge|Arrow; ... Unisex
Budhasutacakrasmavara -Not Available-... Boy
Bhuddisrigarbha -Not Available-... Boy
Maung Brother... Boy
Khin Kindness, one who is kind... Unisex
Dharmakara Mine of Dharma... Boy
Tun Succeed... Unisex
Butsuju Buddha Life|Buddha-life; Buddh... Boy
Budh One who is enlighted|To Know... Boy
Aye Cool... Unisex
Takai The next world... Boy
Ira A devoted one; Tender; Woman o... Unisex
Chosui Purifying Water|Water that is ... Boy
Candavira A male name, mainly given to t... Boy
Tomo A Twin|Intelligence or a knowl... Unisex
Fa Chinesee name meaning a new be... Unisex
Siddhartha A Name of Lord Buddha|Lord Bud... Boy
Buddhacaksus -Not Available-... Boy
Sarasija Lotus... Unisex
Avalokitesvara -Not Available-... Boy
Tyag Lord Indra|Sacrifice|Sacrifice... Boy
Tanawat Knowledge... Boy
Hopkinson son of Hob... Boy
Indrajalin -Not Available-... Boy
Tarkhan He who is skillful|Skillful... Boy
Karambir Brave with God's Grace|The nam... Boy
Yeshe One who is full of wisdom|Wisd... Boy
Brahmadhvaja One who is the warrior of God|... Boy
Bagaskoro Sun Rays... Boy
Bu He who is a leader... Boy
Bao Protection|To Order, To Bid|tr... Unisex
Htay Rich and wealthy... Unisex
Khemkhaeng A strong and powerful man|stro... Boy
Daido Great Way|The greatest way pos... Boy
Nugai Dog... Boy
Genjo Original Silence|Original Sile... Boy
Gurtek Taking Support of Guru|They ar... Boy
Batzorig Courageous, Strong|Courageous,... Boy
Htun Succeed... Unisex
Sovay He is like a gold... Boy
Dzhambul Fortress... Boy
Oren Ash Tree|From the pine tree / ... Unisex
Kittibun Famous fortune... Boy
Buddhanandi One who Enjoys Knowledge|One w... Boy
Gautam Lord Buddha|Lord Buddha; Remov... Boy
Budhh He who has been enlighted|Inte... Boy
Kasemchai A victorious celebration|victo... Boy
Kumbikhanna One with a good temper... Boy
Dokai Way Formality; Way Steps|Way s... Unisex
Devasrigarbha Creator of the Gods... Boy
Bolin An elder brother of the rain|E... Boy
Sud My secret|Tiger in Thai langua... Unisex
Daikaku Enlightenment of mind|Great En... Boy
Zachoeje -Not Available-... Boy
Erden Treasure... Boy
Denpo Truth... Boy
Dasbala Very powerful man from the hea... Boy
Chinshu A calm, soothing place|Calm Pr... Boy
Daiko Great Light|Powerful light... Boy
Hemlal One of the names of Buddha... Boy
Anantacaritra -Not Available-... Boy
Gunaketu Flag of Virtue|Flag of Virtue;... Boy
Htut Apex, tip... Unisex
Thant Clean... Unisex
Harsula Proper to Be Happy... Boy
Danasura Among Donors|Her Among the Don... Boy
Zhang Yong Zhang means Stretch, Extend, A... Boy
Daiji Filled with love and compassio... Boy
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