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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting with Ba with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute biblical baby boy names starting with ba with meaning. Get modern and latest christian, catholic, protestant baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning with Ba

Name Meaning Gender
Baal Master; lord|Young; Infant; St... Boy
Baal-Berith Idol of the covenant. [Non-Ger... Boy
Baal-Gad Idol of fortune or felicity. [... Boy
Baal-Hamon Who rules a crowd... Boy
Baal-Hermon Possessor of destruction or of... Boy
Baal-Meon Idol or master of the house... Boy
Baal-Peor Master of the opening... Boy
Baal-Perazim God of divisions... Boy
Baal-Shalisha The god that presides over thr... Boy
Baal-Tamar Master of the palm-tree... Boy
Baal-Zebub God of the fly|Lord of the fly... Boy
Baal-Zephon The idol or possession of the ... Boy
Baalath A rejoicing; our proud lord... Boy
Baalath-Beer Subjected pit. [Non-Gerderized... Boy
Baali My idol; lord over me... Boy
Baalim Idols; masters; false gods... Boy
Baalis A rejoicing; a proud lord... Boy
Baalzebub Lord of the fly|The devil; fal... Boy
Baanah In the answer, in affliction... Boy
Baaseiah In making, in pressing togethe... Boy
Baasha Don|He that seeks or lays wast... Boy
Babel A confused person; perfect mix... Boy
Babylon Confusion, mixture. [Non-Gerde... Boy
Baca A mulberry-tree. [Non-Gerderiz... Boy
Bahurim Choice, warlike, valiant. [Non... Boy
Bajith A house . [Non-Gerderized Bibl... Boy
Balaam The ancient of the people, the... Boy
Baladan One without judgment... Boy
Balak Who lays waste or destroys... Boy
Balthis Swiss form of Balthazar, meani... Boy
Bamah An eminence or high place... Boy
Barabbas Son of shame confusion... Boy
Barachel That bows before God... Boy
Barachias That bows before God... Boy
Barak African - Blessed; Hebrew - Li... Boy
Barjesus Son of Jesus or Joshua... Boy
Barjona Son of a Jona; of a dove... Boy
Barnabas Barnaby Son of Prophecy|Exalte... Boy
Barsabas Son of return; son of rest... Boy
Bartholmew Ploughman... Boy
Bartholomew A Son That Suspends The Waters... Boy
Bartimeus Son of the honorable... Boy
Bartol Croatian form of Bartholomew m... Boy
Baruch Blessed|Blessed Basil,grand|Bl... Boy
Barzillai Made of Iron|Man of Iron|Son o... Boy
Bashan In the tooth; in ivory... Boy
Bathsheba Daughter of Sheba|Daughter of ... Unisex
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B Ba Be Bi
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B Ba Be Bi
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