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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Bengali Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Bengali Baby Unisex Names List

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Bengali Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute bengali baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest west bengal, hindu, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Abhik Beloved|Beloved; Dearest to He... Unisex
Ujjala Bright... Unisex
Jagadisha God, Master of the Universe|Go... Unisex
Jayati Getting a victory, being a win... Unisex
Nilaya Abode, house|Home|Home, Mansio... Unisex
Rosni A lightning woman|Light; Brigh... Unisex
Kanasu Dream|Kanasu means Dream, Drea... Unisex
Yamha Dove... Unisex
Ura City Dweller, From the City, M... Unisex
Manimekhala A Girdle of Gems|A String of B... Unisex
Rajyashree King like sage|Propriety of A ... Unisex
Usha Dawn|Dawn, sun rise|Dawn; Joy;... Unisex
Jasum A plant name, Hibiskus|Hibiscu... Unisex
Vidyut A flash of lightning; Brillian... Unisex
Adaleru A brave man, on who never been... Unisex
Adarsh Ideal|Ideal; The Sun; Principl... Unisex
Sudeshna Good Gift|Queen; Wife of King ... Unisex
Gagan Lord Siva; Heaven; Sky; Load M... Unisex
Vandana Adoration|Adoration, bright st... Unisex
Yasti Slim... Unisex
Iravati Full of Milk/Water, Ravi river... Unisex
Padmakali Lotus Bud|Lotus Bud; One of ma... Unisex
Ahlad Delight; Joy; Happy; Happiness... Unisex
Arij Arabic - Fragrance; Pleasant S... Unisex
Dhanishta A Star|Name of a nakshatra|Sta... Unisex
Tridiva Heaven|Heaven, Cardamoms, A ri... Unisex
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu; Lord ... Unisex
Shreyan Fame|Nice... Unisex
Aatbodh Son Lord Brahma,vishnu|Son Lor... Unisex
Pablo Borrowed; A variant of Paul wh... Unisex
Farha A Girl who is happy|A happy wo... Unisex
Arya 1. Honoured; noble; master. 2.... Unisex
Tapani Crown|River Godavari|The River... Unisex
Krish Krish is short form of Lord Kr... Unisex
Poornima Full Moon|Full Moon, The night... Unisex
Advik The name means 'unique' in San... Unisex
Ahan Auspicious Dawn; Morning Glory... Unisex
Ishi Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; R... Unisex
Ranjan Delighting|Delighting; Enjoyme... Unisex
Adhaya Intelligent; Brave|The first c... Unisex
Bahula A Star|A Star; Name of a star;... Unisex
Adheer Master,king|Restless|Restless;... Unisex
Ameya Boundless|Boundless, Magnanimo... Unisex
Abhinandan Congratulation|Congratulations... Unisex
Harsha Happiness|Happiness, Joy, Deli... Unisex
Nileema A Beauty By Its Blue Reflectio... Unisex
Himani Glacier, Goddess Parvati|Glaci... Unisex
Keshi A Woman With Beautiful Hair|A ... Unisex
Neera Amrit or nectar or pure water;... Unisex
Savarna Daughter of The Ocean|Daughter... Unisex
Pavi A pure and passionate individu... Unisex
Shreya Auspicious|Auspicious; Better|... Unisex
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone... Unisex
Devya Devine Power|Divine Power|Divi... Unisex
Pragya Intelligence|Intelligent|Lord ... Unisex
Chandra A Shining Moon|Another name of... Unisex
Palash A Flowering|A flowery tree; Gr... Unisex
Sannidhi Nearness|Nearness, Holy Place... Unisex
Sri Light; Beauty; Prosperity; Ran... Unisex
Sudhi Excellent Intelligence|One wit... Unisex
Ushakanta Dawn|Sun|The Sun... Unisex
Harsh Gives Other Happiness or Loves... Unisex
Ajanta A Famous Buddist Cave|Eternal ... Unisex
Shipra A River|A River; One of The Sa... Unisex
Disha Direction|Direction; Princess ... Unisex
Ihita Desir; Goddess Durga; Fighter;... Unisex
Dhruvika A great and talented individua... Unisex
Bandana Prayer|Prayer; Chant|Salute; B... Unisex
Lily A Flower|Flower|Flower lily... Unisex
Aninda Dear|Dear; Beloved|Irreprochab... Unisex

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