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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with D with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute bengali baby girl names starting with d with meaning. Get modern and latest west bengal, hindu, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Bengali Baby Girl Names Beginning with D

Name Meaning Gender
Dadhija Daughter of Milk|Milk's daught... Girl
Daevi Goddess, The Deity|Goddess; Th... Girl
Daivya A divine being|Divine|Divine; ... Unisex
Dakshakanya Able Daughter|Daughter of Daks... Girl
Dakshi Glorious|Golden; Son; Son of D... Unisex
Dakshina A Donation To God Or Priest|A ... Unisex
Dali A Flower|Drawn towards God... Unisex
Damayanti Lotus Flower; Pretty Dove|Nala... Girl
Damian One who tames or subdues other... Unisex
Damon Blue Sky|Constant, Day|Docile... Unisex
Damyanti Beautiful|Nala's wife; Beautif... Girl
Darpan A Mirror|Mirror|Reflection; Mi... Unisex
Darpana A Mirror|A small mirror|Induci... Unisex
Darshita Display; Sight; Vision; Good M... Girl
Darsika Perceiver|Viewer... Girl
Daya Bird of prey; a compassionate ... Unisex
Dayanita A tender human being|Merciful|... Unisex
Deb A prophetess; they have a uniq... Unisex
Debangana Daughter of God... Girl
Debangee Like a Goddess... Girl
Debasma Breathing of God... Girl
Debatri Prayer of God... Girl
Debi Bee|Goddess|One who writes vic... Girl
Debina Advantage; Discreet; Impressiv... Girl
Debjani A beloved and adorable human b... Girl
Debleena Extreme Faith in God... Girl
Debosmita One who has godly smile|Smilin... Unisex
Deep A Lamp|A Lamp; Superior to Inf... Unisex
Deepa A Lamp|A Lamp; Lamp; A Pledge;... Unisex
Deepak A source of light; a determine... Unisex
Deepakala A mesmerising evening time; ev... Unisex
Deepali A electromagnetic person; fill... Unisex
Deepana Illuminating|Light; Illuminati... Girl
Deepashikha Flame|Flame; Lamp|One who is f... Girl
Deepesh God of Sunlght; diplomatic and... Unisex
Deepjyoti The Light of The Lamp... Girl
Deepon Cute... Girl
Deepsikha Light of Ray; Flame... Girl
Deepta Goddess Lakshmi; Name of sever... Girl
Deepthy Light... Girl
Deeptimayee Lustrous... Girl
Deeptimoyee A lustrous and efficient human... Girl
Delisha A Form of Delicia|Gives Pleasu... Girl
Deshna Gift|Offering; Gift|Present; G... Girl
Deva A divine being|Celestial Spiri... Unisex
Devakali Name of A Indian Music Raagini... Girl
Devamati Godly Minded|Godly Minded, Vir... Girl
Devan Divine|Divine, divinity or lik... Unisex
Devangi Like A Goddess... Girl
Devashree Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Lakshm... Girl
Devasree Divine Beauty|Goddess Lakshmi;... Unisex
Deven Divine; Resembling a God; Serv... Unisex
Devi Beautiful; Goddess; Bright; Lu... Unisex
Devishi Chief among the Goddess, Godde... Girl
Devoleena Meditate of God... Girl
Devya Devine Power|Divine Power|Divi... Unisex
Dhanalakshmi Doddess of Wealth|Goddess of W... Girl
Dhanishta A Star|Name of a nakshatra|Sta... Unisex
Dhanu A Bow; The Zodiacal Sign Sagit... Unisex
Dhanvi A woman who is rich and wealth... Girl
Dhanyata Success or fulfilment|Success,... Girl
Dhara Bearer, The earth|Constant Flo... Unisex
Dharini Earth|The Earth; Keeping; Prot... Girl
Dharmi Religious|She who is religious... Unisex
Dharmishta Lord In Dharma|Lord of Dharma;... Girl
Dharsika Earth... Girl
Dharuna A Rishi|Supporting... Unisex
Dhatri A Son of Vishnu/lakshmi|A Son ... Unisex
Dhaval A Fair One|Earth|Fair Complexi... Unisex
Dheivachelvi Blessed Girl... Unisex
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