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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with C with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute bengali baby girl names starting with c with meaning. Get modern and latest west bengal, hindu, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Bengali Baby Girl Names Beginning with C

Name Meaning Gender
Chaaya A shade or a shadow|Shadow|Sha... Girl
Chaha : Desire; Love; Wish|Love, wis... Girl
Chaitali A Season; Born In The Chaitra ... Unisex
Chaitan Consciousness|Consciousness; P... Unisex
Chaithali Born in the Chaitra Month... Girl
Chaitra Aries Sign|Aries sign, 1st mon... Unisex
Chaity Awake... Girl
Chakrika Another name of Lord Vishnu's ... Girl
Chalama Goddess Parvati|Name of Goddes... Girl
Chaman A flowering garden|Flower Gard... Unisex
Chameli A Creeper With Flowers|A scent... Girl
Chamelia Particular Flower... Girl
Champa A Flower|A Type of Flower|A fl... Unisex
Champabati Capital|Daughter of a king; th... Unisex
Champavati Owner of Champa Tree; Name of ... Unisex
Champika Champa flower|Little Champa Fl... Girl
Chanchal A playful individual|Active|Ac... Unisex
Chanchala Active, Goddess Laxmi|Active; ... Unisex
Chandalini Glorious|The glorious one... Girl
Chandan Of The Sandalwood Tree; Scente... Unisex
Chandi Goddess Chamundeshvari Devi|Go... Unisex
Chandini A River; Star; Moon Light; Moo... Unisex
Chandira Derived from Sanskrit meaning ... Unisex
Chandra A Shining Moon|Another name of... Unisex
Chandrabali A friend of Lord Krishna|Krish... Girl
Chandraja Beautiful daughter of the Moon... Unisex
Chandrakala An easy-going, friendly and go... Girl
Chandrakali 1, 16th part of the Moon|1,16t... Girl
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone... Unisex
Chandrakiran Beam of Moon|Moon Beam|Moonbea... Unisex
Chandralekha Ray of Moon|Rays of the Moon|T... Girl
Chandrani Beautiful as Moon; Wife of Moo... Girl
Chandraprabha A Star in the galaxy|Moon ligh... Girl
Chandravathi A girl lit by the Moon; charis... Girl
Chandrima Lord Chandra (Moon)|Moonlight ... Unisex
Changuna A Good Woman|Good natured woma... Girl
Chara A man who loves freedom and ad... Unisex
Charanjeet One Who Has Won Over The Lord|... Unisex
Charu Agreeable|Agreeable, Charming,... Unisex
Charumati A beautiful lady|Beautiful|Bea... Girl
Charushila A Diamond|Beautiful Jewel, Dia... Girl
Charvi A Beautiful Woman|A Beautiful ... Girl
Chashmum My Eyes|Owner of beautiful eye... Unisex
Chayana Moon|The Moon|The beautiful Mo... Unisex
Chellam A dear one|Pampered|Precious... Unisex
Chemmoli Flawless|Flawless, expensive g... Unisex
Cheshta Needs|To Try|To try; Desire... Girl
Chhabi Description; Picture|Picture|R... Unisex
Chhaya A shadow or an image|Shadow|Sh... Unisex
Chinnamal Little Girl... Girl
Chintan Meditation|Thought|Thought, Me... Unisex
Chintanika Meditating; a relaxing state|M... Girl
Chira Permanent; one which cannot be... Unisex
Chiti Little; Love|Love|Love, one wh... Girl
Chitra A picture|Drawing|Excellent; B... Unisex
Chitralekha A beautiful picture|As Beautif... Girl
Chitramala A series of pictures, painting... Girl
Chitrathi A Bright Chariot|A chariot tha... Girl
Chitrita Beautiful, Decorated|Beautiful... Girl
Chitta Mind|Mind, which enables a per... Unisex
Cholaiyammal Garden Girl Solaiyammal|Garden... Girl
Chudar Brilliant|Brilliant,sudar... Unisex
Chudarmadhi Brilliant Moon,SeeA Sudarmadhi... Unisex
Churni A river; a stream of water|The... Girl
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