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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Bengali Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Bengali Baby Boy Names List

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Bengali Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute bengali baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest west bengal, hindu, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Tanveer Eng-lightened|Englightened|Enl... Unisex
Anika Army; front; head, face; splen... Unisex
Indrajit Conquerer of Indra|Conqueror o... Boy
Bhashkar The Sun... Boy
Dhwani Melody, Music, Sound|Melody,'M... Unisex
Dikshan Initiation|Initiation, Consecr... Boy
Tarapada In the Feet of Goddess Kaali... Boy
Aftab Aftab means 'the sun'. A mascu... Unisex
Jaganmata Another name for manasa|Mother... Unisex
Balendra Indra in his childlike form|Ki... Unisex
Chandramauli Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva who wear... Boy
Pahal A beautiful and wonderful begi... Unisex
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh|Lord Ganesh; Crook... Boy
Tapani Crown|River Godavari|The River... Unisex
Nidhi Brilliant; To bestow; Treasure... Unisex
Adalarasu King of Dance|King of Dance; o... Unisex
Boudhayan The Name of A Sage|The Name of... Boy
Upamanyu Name of A Devoted Pupil|Son of... Boy
Shashibhusan Lord Shiva... Boy
Dhruba Certain; Eternal|Certain; Eter... Boy
Laksh Aim|Aim, Destination, Target|A... Boy
Nityananda Always Happy; Lord Krishna|Lor... Boy
Bharata Fulfills Desire|Fulfils Desire... Boy
Vedmohan Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna; Kno... Boy
Aryaman Noble-minded, Aristocratic, Su... Boy
Dhurjati Firm|Mahadev|The Pivotal Ascet... Unisex
Onil Wind|Wind; Air; Something that... Boy
Naag A Big Serpent|Friend of God Sh... Boy
Devdutta King|King; Gift of God|King; R... Boy
Bhageerath A King of Suryavamsha Who Brou... Boy
Nagaraj King of Cobras|King of Cobras;... Boy
Vachaspati Lord Bhrama; Lord of Speech|Lo... Boy
Trilochan Having Three Eyes, One of High... Boy
Nupoor An anklet that gives a pleasan... Unisex
Prathmesh Lord Ganesh|Lord Ganesh, the g... Boy
Mohan A Gift from the Almighty God|B... Boy
Ranga Colourful|Name of Lord Vishnu|... Boy
Namit A person who is very humble|Bo... Boy
Premanand Joy of Love|Joy of love; Happi... Boy
Bhoorishav King|King.mm|Lord of Earth; Su... Boy
Pritha Happy; Dear one; Another name ... Unisex
Abhirath Great Charioteer|Great Chariot... Unisex
Prabhas Brilliance, Light|Lustrous|Lus... Boy
Chidambar Generous; One whose heart is a... Boy
Veronica Bringer of victory|Displaying ... Unisex
Somu Lord Indra; The Moon|Lord Shiv... Boy
Trinabh 3 Sky; Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu... Boy
Saguna A virtuous woman|Calm; Possess... Unisex
Utphal Lotus... Boy
Triloknath Lord Shiva, The Lord having th... Boy
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi, Fire|An Anci... Boy
Mithin Governor; Moment in time|The o... Boy
Ishayu Full of Strength|Sun; Full of ... Boy
Palanisami A name of Lord muruan; compass... Boy
Kaval Dark Skinned|Dark Skinned; Bla... Boy
Sajjadul Awesome... Boy
Sahasranshu One who is like the Sun|Surya... Boy
Tapeshwar Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva; Lord of... Boy
Nihith Essential, intrinsic, characte... Boy
Harit Green|Green, Cultivator Plough... Boy
Dinanath Lord Shiva; Protector|Lord of ... Boy
Munmun Small|Very Pleasant... Unisex
Achintya 'lord Shiva, Vishnu'|Beyond Co... Unisex
Akshan Eye|Eye, Judgment, Appreciatio... Boy
Varesh Giver of boons, Lord Shiva|Lor... Boy
Anindra One who Conquers Sleep; Condit... Boy
Heramba Belonging To Lord Ganesh|Boast... Unisex
Suphal Good Results... Boy
Tusharsuvra White As Snow... Boy
Uttar Lord shiva|North; Answer; Bett... Boy

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