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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Asian Baby Names Starting with Qu with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute asian baby names starting with qu with meaning. Get modern and latest asia, buddhist, muslim, christian, asian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Asian Baby Names Beginning with Qu

Name Meaning Gender
Qu Interesting, delightful person... Boy
Quade From the Scottish clan name Mc... Boy
Quak One who sounds like a duck|Sou... Boy
Quamar Born beneath the moon|Moon|Pri... Boy
Quan Spring (of water), Fist|Spring... Boy
Quana aromatic... Boy
Quanda Companion|slender young tree... Girl
Quaneisha -Not Available-... Girl
Quang A bright, clear one|Clear... Boy
Quanika Form of Nika... Girl
Quant Dutch name meaning rogue|Means... Unisex
Quantran Lord Sun's Child|Son of Lord S... Boy
Quarbaan A martyr|Ready to sacrifice li... Boy
Quarbani One who makes the sacrifice|Sa... Unisex
Quarrtulain God's mercy|Mercy of God... Girl
Quartilla She who is born fourth|Very Pu... Girl
Quasar Meteor|Meteorite|Meteorite; So... Unisex
Quasim Distinguished looking; One who... Boy
Qubad Character from Shahnameh... Boy
Qubilah Agreeable|Concord... Girl
Qubul Accepting Concurrence|Acceptin... Boy
Qudamah Companion of Prophet (S.A.W)|C... Boy
Quddusiyyah A pious and humble person|Sacr... Girl
Qudos Very holy... Boy
Qudrah Power, ability, capacity of a ... Girl
Qudrat Faculty; Strength; Nature; Lov... Boy
Qudratuallah Power of God... Boy
Qudsia Holiness|Holiness, sacredness|... Girl
Queen Highest Lady; Wife of a King|Q... Girl
Queeni Mermaid... Girl
Queenie Queen|Queen Or Female Companio... Girl
Queenrina -Not Available-... Girl
Quenby Queen's castle|Scandinavian na... Unisex
Quennell One who is from the little oak... Unisex
Quentin Fifth|From the queen's estate|... Unisex
Querida Beloved... Girl
Querly A simple person|Njn... Girl
Questa Journey|One who seeks|The Sear... Girl
Queta -Not Available-... Girl
Queti Cute|One who looks cute... Girl
Quetzali Hyper|One that is hyper... Girl
Quiana Divine, Heavenly|Living With G... Girl
Quiky A fast worker|Very Fastl... Girl
Quilla Feather, Quill|a quill... Girl
Quillan Cub|Descendant of Coll|Resembl... Unisex
Quin Abbreviation of Joaquin|Counse... Unisex
Quincy Estate of the fifth son|Fifth|... Unisex
Quinella Form of Quintana... Girl
Quinese Jwellry; Ornament|Who resemble... Girl
Quinlan A strong and healthy man|Gentl... Unisex
Quinlee Respected as Queen|Woman of wi... Girl
Quinley She who is intelligent|Turban... Girl
Quinn Chief, Freeman, Head, Hound, I... Unisex
Quinta Born Fifth|Fifth... Girl
Quintana from the country house... Girl
Quintessa essence|the fifth or form of q... Girl
Quintin Fifth|Fifth Born Child|Fifth B... Unisex
Quinto Spanish name meaning fifth|fif... Boy
Quinton Fifth|From the queen|He who is... Unisex
Quirita Citizen; Kind One|Latin name m... Girl
Quisilla Lovely as ever|Lovely; Pretty... Girl
Quiterie Tranquil... Girl
Quito The fifth one|fifth... Boy
Quity -Not Available-... Girl
Quiyl Bird|She who can think like bi... Girl
Qumla Fire|The fire to succeed... Girl
Qumudini A River|The one who is toleran... Girl
Quoc nation... Boy
Quon bright... Boy
Quorra Heart... Girl
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