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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Arabic Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute arabic baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest sudan, syria, islamic, muslim baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Arabic Baby Unisex Names List

Arabic Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Saman A plece that is a home|Calming... Unisex
Ajwa A sensitive plant, Touch me no... Unisex
Tabassum A Flower|A flower; Sweet smile... Unisex
Wifaq Harmony, Consent|Harmony, unit... Unisex
Subhi Early Bright; Dawn|Early Morni... Unisex
Nadwa Council|Council, Generosity|Co... Unisex
Mays A nature loving person|Proud G... Unisex
Bahar Spring|Spring Season|Spring Se... Unisex
Navil Noble; Generous; Peacock|Peaco... Unisex
Najaah Escape or freedom from evil|Su... Unisex
Anisa A friendly compannion for life... Unisex
Souma Moonlight, a woman as beautifu... Unisex
Muntaha The Utmost, Highest Degree|The... Unisex
Aftaab Aftaab means 'the sun'. A masc... Unisex
Shady A person who sings... Unisex
Abidah Father of knowledge|Worshipper... Unisex
Awani Earth|Helper, or supporter|The... Unisex
Mukarram Honored|Respected, Honored|hon... Unisex
Tahani Congratulate someone for somet... Unisex
Asar Fourth Prayer of The Day|Fourt... Unisex
Fakhri Glory|Glory; Honorary; Gloriou... Unisex
Abezag Holy; Pure|Pure|Pure; Holy... Unisex
Azra Maiden, Pious, Woman|The one w... Unisex
Anousha Beautiful Morning|Everlasting|... Unisex
Aimal Desire, wish|Hope... Unisex
Dildar A King; Lover; Beloved; Friend... Unisex
Azhaar A sweet blossoming flower|Flow... Unisex
Ajmal Beautiful|Holy, Pious|More bea... Unisex
Usaymah Old Arabic Name... Unisex
Anum A blessing who is a holy stone... Unisex
Wid Loving, Affectionate|One who i... Unisex
Shifa Cure|Curing, healing|Friend; S... Unisex
Farhana A cheerful and merry woman|Bea... Unisex
Eisa A Prophets Name (jesus)|A prop... Unisex
Rawahah A person who is easy to please... Unisex
Hamas Enthusiasm|courage, zeal, brav... Unisex
Mehjabeen Beautiful As The Moon, Beloved... Unisex
Aram A curse; They are high and exa... Unisex
Ghusun Branch, Twig|Branches of Tree|... Unisex
Ishrat Affection|Affection, Happiness... Unisex
Firdoos Highest Garden In Paradise|Hig... Unisex
Tazim Honor|Honor; Respect|Honour... Unisex
Salim Foxes, fists, path. [Non-Gerde... Unisex
Mas For Almas; Diamond|The lucky o... Unisex
Lutfiyya Delicate woman who is of kind ... Unisex
Su One who has good luck|Water... Unisex
Imsaal Muslim boy's name that means u... Unisex
Khitam Conclusion|Khitam name means T... Unisex
Yaqoot Precious Stone|Ruby|Ruby, Garn... Unisex
Rand Bay Laurel|Germanic - Strong D... Unisex
Kaylen A Form of Kayleen|Kaylen means... Unisex
Zada Fortunate|Fortunate, Prosperou... Unisex
Nawal Gift|Gift, Present|Gift; Prese... Unisex
Jamel Handsome|He who posesses great... Unisex
Omer A small bundle of wheat|Long L... Unisex
Sohana Dews On The Grass|Graceful|Gra... Unisex
Riza Contentment, Satisfaction|Fair... Unisex
Jemaal Very attractive man or good lo... Unisex
Rayan A Form of Raeann|Brilliant; Br... Unisex
Nasri Of Victory|The support for a v... Unisex
Anmar A fierce Leopard|Leopard... Unisex
Ruba A Form of Ruby|Hill|One who li... Unisex
Sawab A reward|Reward name of an ear... Unisex
Mahasin A virtuous, beautiful one|Beau... Unisex
Isar Eminent, Lord Shiva|Eminent; L... Unisex
Safeena A boat; Safeenah|H Name of An ... Unisex
Aidyn Little fire|educated, intellec... Unisex
Fayrooz A gemstone turquoise|Turquoise... Unisex
Sariyah Clouds at Night|Clouds at nigh... Unisex
Dilshad Beloved; Happy; Cheerful; Init... Unisex
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