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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Arabic Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute arabic baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest sudan, syria, islamic, muslim baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Arabic Baby Girl Names List

Arabic Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Areta An excellent, beautiful being|... Girl
Kalila Dearly Loved|Dense Forest|Kali... Unisex
Nigar Beautiful|Gorgeous, Photograph... Girl
Danesh God of Wealth|Knowledge; learn... Unisex
Nafeesah Precious gem|Tremendous, marve... Girl
Madihah Praiseworthy|Praiseworthy pers... Girl
Kadan A beloved companion|Kadan mean... Unisex
Senada Graceful, Heavenly|Graceful; H... Girl
Saadiya A person of good fortune|Flowe... Girl
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador... Unisex
Fathiyah A joy of the new begining|Begi... Girl
Kayan A Star|Ancient King; King; A S... Unisex
Rushd A person walking the right pat... Unisex
Uwaysah Bilberry, Whortleberry... Girl
Fatima A captivating woman|Accustom; ... Girl
Uswa Sunnah, Practice|Sunnah; Pract... Girl
Meena A Precious Stone|A Sanskrit na... Unisex
Muhsina Beneficence|Benevolent, Benefi... Girl
Burayka Blessing... Girl
Maisha One who is full of life, alive... Girl
Maiyy Servant, Slave... Girl
Badeea Marvelous, Admirable|She who i... Girl
Samiyah Elevated, Exalted, Lofty|Eleva... Girl
Simrah A woman who is an entertaining... Girl
Dib Eloquent; one who has given a ... Unisex
Manahil A girl who is like a spring of... Girl
Kurat-Ul-Ain Coolness of Eyes... Girl
Jericho A city in Palestine located ne... Unisex
Firuz An unvanquished and successful... Unisex
Zorah Dawn|Leprosy, scab, hornet. [N... Girl
Masun A well-protected, sheltered ma... Unisex
Naveda Glad things... Girl
Nafeesa A precious thing; Gem; Princes... Girl
Naghma A melody or musical note|Melod... Girl
Zaynab Daughter of The Prophet (pbuh)... Girl
Rehana A Handfull of Sweet Basil|A ha... Girl
Siyana One who provides protection|Pr... Girl
Safiyyah She who is pure and innocent|U... Girl
Zairah Intelligent, Intellectual|Visi... Girl
Umaymah A young mother; Name of the gr... Girl
Azyan Adornment or decoration... Unisex
Jadwa Gift|Gift, Present|Gift; Prese... Girl
Ruwaidah An unhurrying, gentle person|W... Girl
Farqad A two bright stars of Ursa Min... Unisex
Kali A Bud; Parvati|Bud|Bud (of Flo... Unisex
Riffat High|One who has high status i... Unisex
Bahirah Dazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lad... Girl
Tayyiba Good, Pleasant|Good, Pleasant,... Girl
Shahar Dawn, Early Morning|Dawn, Earl... Unisex
Nirogi The utmost point of a hill|Wit... Unisex
Muneerah Splendid, Bright Shine of Ligh... Girl
Heba Gift|Gift from god hedia - voi... Girl
Uroosa Bride, Happiness|Bride, heroin... Girl
Sahibah A respected woman|Colleague... Girl
Bashair Another name of holy Quran; Go... Girl
Zuhayra Courage... Girl
Rubabah A flowery and rosy girl... Girl
Raihaana Aromatic, basil-like smell|Lea... Girl
Azucena A beautiful flower called Lily... Girl
Zakiyya Intelligent|Pure, Intelligent,... Girl
Wadhaa Bright|Pretty... Girl
Birjis Planet; Planet Jupiter... Unisex
Aya A phrase from the holy Quran|B... Girl
Shahara A woman who is like a Moon... Girl
Nuaymah Name of A Narrator of Hadith... Girl
Javairea A mysterious one|Mysterious... Girl
Yasmine Flower|Jasmine|Jasmine Flower... Girl
Nadra One who is precious, rare|Radi... Unisex
Kaleema Blackish|Kaleema means Speaker... Unisex
Nuwaylah Winner... Girl
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