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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Arabic Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute arabic baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest sudan, syria, islamic, muslim baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Arabic Baby Boy Names List

Arabic Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Kalila Dearly Loved|Dense Forest|Kali... Unisex
Dhakir One Who Remembers God Frequent... Boy
Saaadat A person who is blissful and h... Boy
Shafiq Affectionate, Compassionate|Af... Boy
Khubaib Fast walker|Shinning... Boy
Tayib A pearl|Pearl... Boy
Afdal Better|Better than others, exc... Boy
Sadiq Friend|Kingly|One who is truth... Boy
Baboor Afghan - Happiness; Turkish - ... Boy
Kasir Another Name For God; One Who ... Boy
Waseem Graceful, Good looking|Gracefu... Boy
Tasneen A Heavenly Fountain|A heavenly... Boy
Abdul Mubde A true servant of God or Allah... Boy
Mouid Recreate; One of Allah's name|... Boy
Haala Aureole|Aureole; Glory; Lunar ... Unisex
Nishat A Tree|A tree; Sincere|Happine... Unisex
Tajim Having respect on someone|Hono... Boy
Furqaan Quran Sharif; Criterion|Refers... Boy
Mehtab Moon|The Moon|The light of the... Unisex
Izdihar Blossoming|Flourishing, Bloomi... Unisex
Tanwir Enlightening|Radiant; Illumina... Boy
Bahur One who is lucid and brilliant... Boy
Thumamah Millet (Plant)|Millet Plant|Mi... Unisex
Zadfar A glorious birth|Glorious birt... Boy
Raiyan Satisfaction Contented|Satisfa... Boy
Abd-Allah Servant of God... Boy
Yaamir Blessed by moonlight|The Moon... Boy
Samir An entertaining companion|Comp... Boy
Jawaad One who is open-handed... Boy
Ghazaala A muslim name that means deer|... Unisex
Abdul Wahab Stands for servant of all-give... Boy
Marzug A fortunate one... Boy
Saqib Shining Star|ShiningStar|pierc... Boy
Attar Frangrance; Perfume|Perfume|Pe... Unisex
Bakhtiaar One who is lucky and fortunale... Boy
Naoufel A blessing donated by the Almi... Boy
Abdul Shakoor Servant of the all-thankful|Se... Boy
Sarosh An angel|Angel|Name of an Ange... Unisex
Abdul Nur Servant of the Light|Slave of ... Boy
Aizat Moon|Sweetness... Boy
Husamudeen One sword of the faith... Boy
Akil A Form of Achilles|From the Ak... Boy
Raahil One who shows the way; Travele... Boy
Abdulaalee A servant of the most dignifie... Boy
Nadiha The one who is celebrated and ... Boy
Gulfam A person whose face is like ro... Boy
Hayat Deliriously In Love|Life|Life,... Unisex
Ashnad A great swimmer... Boy
Jariyah God Has Seen|Name of A Ashb-as... Unisex
Husaamudin He who holds the sword of the ... Boy
Birrah Good Deed... Unisex
Karam Generosity|Generosity, greatne... Unisex
Fath One who always wins|Victorious... Boy
Mo'tasim An ancient Aryan (Early Irania... Boy
Musaaid Lucky... Boy
Samaah Generosity|One who pardons and... Unisex
Abdulmuhaimin A faithful person who helps th... Boy
Rasheed Brave|Brave; Thinker; Counselo... Unisex
Daulat Happiness; Riches; Wealth|One ... Unisex
Qudsiyah Glorious, sacred|Glorious; Sac... Unisex
Hulum dream, vision|dream,vision... Boy
Mashkur A person whose acts have gaine... Boy
Azfer A born leader; victorious|Lead... Boy
Fayzan Beneficence|Favorite; Benefice... Boy
Abdul Akhir A person who works excessively... Boy
Saiful AzmanSword of dream... Boy
Zayd Abundance|Growth, Super abunda... Boy
Fuyum Reefers to firm and powerful m... Boy
Abdul Muhsi One who helps reckoner or nobl... Boy
Qahtan A traditional tribe in Arabia|... Boy
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