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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names List

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Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute anglo saxon baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest british, english, uk baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Dyke Dike or ditch|Dike, ditch|Dike... Boy
Anson Anne's son|Anne's son; son of ... Boy
Eormengild it means public pledge... Boy
Aelfweard Elf guard|The guardian of supe... Boy
Elweard Elf guard, Noble guard|Noble g... Boy
Croston A farm or a settlement... Boy
Esmond Grace protection|Gracious Prot... Boy
Sigebryht A victory achieved brightly... Boy
Aethelstan Name of A King|Noble Stone... Boy
Aglaeca Friend, Hero, Warrior|Gives|Wr... Unisex
Eoppa a royal prince... Boy
Sigegifu One who wins, one who is a bor... Boy
Brandt A Form of Brant|Blade, Sword|L... Boy
Ordway Battle Strife|The one who is h... Boy
Peada One who is like a Prince|Rock... Boy
Garrett Defender|Derived from Gerald (... Boy
Cyneward Royal Guard... Boy
Wyrtgeorn High Lord... Boy
Edwy Name of a king; one who is bra... Boy
Hrothgar Famous spear|Old English - Leg... Boy
Ealhstan They are stone hard and temple... Boy
Egfrid Happy and mature individual... Boy
Aelfric Elf Ruler; King of Elves|Elf r... Boy
Osmundue A great and divine protector... Boy
Edlin A rich friend; popular and fri... Unisex
Durwyn Friend of the deer|Name of A K... Boy
Hondscio A man of low ranks... Boy
Hathcyn A very rare Anlgo-Saxon name, ... Boy
Osment A famous and god-loving person... Boy
Daegberht Day bright... Boy
Wihtred -Not Available-... Boy
Selwyn Ardour; fair|Fierce Stronghold... Boy
Ecgberct Bright edge of sword... Boy
Edson A Short Form of Edison|Guardia... Boy
Wigheard Brave, Hard, Strong... Boy
Ecgfrith A born leader; name of a king... Boy
Hringwynn A low-born Anglo-Saxon name... Boy
Edwyn Happy friend|Name of A King|Pr... Boy
Baldwinn A bold and beautiful person|Va... Boy
Hamgisl A low-borns nickname... Boy
Wine Friend|Year... Boy
Egbert Bright Edge|Bright Sword|Formi... Boy
Aelfred A wise mystical person, adviso... Boy
Ricmann A person who has a power to ru... Boy
Hiddila A name of common men... Boy
Croydon A Valley|Surname and place-nam... Boy
Osmond A protectected human being|Div... Boy
Dunton A settlement name; hill|From t... Boy
Eadgard Blessed|Rich Spear... Boy
Braxton Brock's town|Settlement of the... Boy
Rawlins A Form of Roland|One who is a ... Boy
Eoforwin Boar friend... Boy
Chadwyck The dairy farm of Ceadda... Boy
Cenwalh Name of An Abbot|The name of a... Boy
Kirby Church Settlement|Church farm|... Unisex
Heard Brave, Hardy... Boy
Fecca An Anglo-Saxon male name for t... Boy
Cynebeald Royal Brave... Boy
Eadmaer The one who comes from riches ... Boy
Cafnoth An Anglo-Saxon male name... Boy
Atwell Lives by the Spring; Someone w... Boy
Ayken Made of Oak... Boy
Osbeorht Divinely brilliant|God bright|... Boy
Sharette A fair and bright individual. ... Unisex
Picford From the woodcutter's ford|One... Boy
Gymi A monothematic Anglo-Saxon nam... Boy
Hiddi A name for the non noble born ... Boy
Aldhelm Defender|From the Old English ... Boy
Aelric Noble rule... Boy
Rawson An English surname, the son of... Boy

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