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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Anglo Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Anglo Baby Boy Names List

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Anglo Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute anglo baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest english, christian, american baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Hlisa Wood... Boy
Willsn Drawer of Water... Boy
Bernard Bear-brave|Bold As A Bear|Brav... Boy
Pace A Form of Pascal|One who has a... Boy
Aethelstan Name of A King|Noble Stone... Boy
Denton A Name That Means Settlement|F... Boy
Stewert A Boy who is a steward|Bailiff... Boy
Durwyn Friend of the deer|Name of A K... Boy
Oswine A God's best friend|Name of A ... Boy
Derian Gracious Defender... Boy
Octa A person who does good deeds... Boy
Seward From the hill on th|Sea Guard|... Boy
Ellen A Form of Eleanor Or Helen|A v... Unisex
Lar Counsel... Boy
Aheawan Wages War... Boy
Lyndon A famous bearer, surname|Lime ... Boy
Irenbend Sea Lover... Boy
Aldwyn From the Old English Ealdwine ... Boy
Ned A Familiar Form of Edward|Dimi... Boy
Kipp Fat Man, Lives on a hill|From ... Boy
Storm Storm|Storm - bad weather. Sur... Unisex
Odell Ode, Melody|Of the valley|Otte... Unisex
Bestandan Ensnares... Boy
Leof Sailor|The one who is dearly b... Boy
Atelic Name of A King... Boy
Doughlas A stream of dark river|Dwells ... Boy
Oxa Page... Boy
Gar A Short Form of Gareth|Spear|S... Boy
Oswiu Has willpower like that of a K... Boy
Cnut From The Dark Village|Knot|Kno... Boy
Caflice From the winding va... Boy
Desmond A man from south munster|From ... Unisex
Bealohydig Son... Boy
Alwalda Defender... Boy
Cecil A blind man|Blind|Blind (from ... Unisex
Shelly A Familiar Form of Michelle|A ... Unisex
Warian From the wealthy es... Boy
Sheply Field where the sheep are|From... Boy
Kenric A Form of Kenrick|Celtic - Hig... Boy
Wurt Enchanting... Boy
Floyd A Form of Lloyd|A variant of t... Boy
Edit Fortune And Strife|Joyous|Joyo... Unisex
Stewart A form of Stuart|Bailiff|Form ... Boy
Kimball Bold family. Bold kin|Hollow V... Boy
Boyden Blond|Name of A King|a herald... Boy
Courtnay Courtier, Court attendant|Dwel... Unisex
Anhaga Graceful... Boy
Orville From the gold town|Gold Town|G... Unisex
Ancenned Confesses... Boy
Druce Dear Friend|Son of Drew|Son of... Boy
Hallwell Lives by the holy spring|Lives... Boy
Nodin The windy season or blowing|Wi... Boy
Ormod Brave Friend... Boy
Archard French - Powerful; A variant o... Boy
Edris A Prophet's name|Wealthy Ruler... Unisex
Hererinc Commander... Boy
Odel Wealthy... Boy
Lufian From London... Boy
Edred A wealthy ruler|Affluent and s... Boy
Dougal A black colored stranger; they... Boy
Lora A Form of Laura|Crowned with L... Unisex
Rheged Legendary father of Gwres|Powe... Boy
Fairfax Advances|Blond|One with blonde... Boy
Rawlins A Form of Roland|One who is a ... Boy
Bordan From The Boar Valley|One who c... Boy
Brant A sword that burns; a fiery sw... Boy
Bawdewyn Bold Friend... Boy
Elne Chief... Boy
Orde Beginning|The blade point of t... Boy
Scur Tailor... Boy

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