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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest American Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z American Baby Girl Names List

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American Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute american baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest american, usa, english, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Shalynn A Combination of The Prefix Sh... Girl
Roni A Familiar Form of Veronica|Br... Unisex
Aquene Peace|The one spreading peace... Unisex
Josianne -Not Available-... Girl
Kale Affectionate; Calm; Fair; Ocea... Unisex
Vicki Conqueror, Victorious|Conquero... Unisex
Karalyn A Form of Karalynn|A Form of K... Girl
Shalisa A Combination of The Prefix Sh... Girl
Tansy Immortality. Also the name of ... Unisex
Latoria A Combination of The Prefix La... Girl
Sheshebens Small Duck|Small Duck (chippew... Girl
Sacnite White Flower|Woman beautiful a... Girl
Mensonsea The person who always use his,... Unisex
Abinaya A Form of Abiann|Abinaya means... Unisex
Minda Fish|Knowledge|Knowledge; Wisd... Girl
Jessa God sees|The Lord sees all... Unisex
Bergitte Danish form of Bridget... Girl
Oneisha A Form of Onesha... Girl
Joyatri Light|people with this name ar... Unisex
Nanea A land of the heaven... Girl
Yareli A Form of Oralee|The lord is m... Girl
Kalisa A Combination of Kate + Lisa|P... Girl
Brieanna A Combination of Brie + Anna|A... Girl
Stormy Impetuous Nature|Impetuous by ... Unisex
Yaritza A Combination of Yana + Ritsa|... Unisex
Tibone One who sits in the saddle... Unisex
Kaleho The name means The Cowry Shell... Unisex
Keani Keani means Breeze or Wave... Unisex
Olivia A Form of Olga|Ancestor's desc... Girl
Takila A Form of Tequila... Girl
Sara Jane A Combination of Sarah + Jane... Girl
Mo A dark skinned person, a savio... Unisex
Marie Claire A Combination of Marie + Clair... Girl
Bly Tall|To Be A Tall Child|high, ... Girl
Etana Dedication, strength|Variant o... Unisex
Reanne A woman who makes a great Quee... Girl
Meegwin Feather... Unisex
Delacy -Not Available-... Girl
Frederikke Peaceful Ruler... Girl
Byue A man who is like a slow, smal... Unisex
Nikkol The spirit of victory on behal... Girl
Nunah Dimple in the chin|Property, l... Girl
Kiasax Kiasax means The Bear on the L... Unisex
Tyesha A Combination of Ty + Aisha|Bl... Girl
Flemming An ethnic name to refer to res... Unisex
Ajanae A Combination of The Prefix A ... Girl
Abeytu Green Leaf... Girl
Shanese A Form of Shanice... Girl
Poseanye The dripping dew... Unisex
Lana Abbreviation of Alana. Fair; g... Unisex
Shaleen Modest|Shalena... Girl
Malana Buoyant, Light|Buoyant; light|... Girl
Maralah Born During An Earthquake|One ... Girl
Anezka Chaste, Holy|Czechoslovakian f... Girl
Ziarre Goddess of Thesky|Goddess of t... Girl
Kayci A Combination of Initials K. +... Girl
Ase Ase is a variation of Asa and ... Unisex
Tionne A supreme gift from God... Girl
Ogin Wild Rose... Girl
Demarcus A soft and tender person|The s... Unisex
Malia Beloved|Bitter, Sea of Bittern... Unisex
Johnetta A Form of Jonita|Modern femini... Girl
Jailene A Form of Jaelyn|Beautiful lik... Girl
Solvej A woman with the strenght of t... Girl
Sylvianne A Combination of Sylvia + Ann|... Girl
Teige A Poet|A good-looking woman|At... Unisex
Dedriana A Combination of Dedra + Adria... Girl
Anndrea Courageous and strong, womanly... Girl
Kiah A Form of Kia|A New Beginning|... Girl
Amber-Lynn A Combination of Amber + Lynn... Girl

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