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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest African Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute african baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest africa, bantu, muslim, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z African Baby Boy Names List

African Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Farhani A delightful feeling of joy... Boy
Astennu God of the moon... Boy
Cheche A small thing|God will add... Unisex
Bayo Joy is found|to find joy... Unisex
Dembe A peace loving individual|A pe... Unisex
Mkhai Fight... Boy
Davion A Form of Davin|A potential an... Unisex
Enitekiru Think before you act... Boy
Siyabonga We are thankful or grateful... Boy
Miriodere I now have a name... Unisex
Bukhosi One of royality and princehood... Boy
Nanji He who protects his family and... Boy
Amadi Much Praised|Name of Prophet M... Unisex
Anane African - Fourth Son|Ghanian n... Boy
Mamadou A man worthy of all praise... Boy
Mensah Born Third|Third-born son... Boy
Azizi Arabic - Beloved; Precious One... Boy
Naashaad The one who is unfortunate and... Boy
Ubaid Faithful|Faithful, Loyal|Littl... Boy
Bimbola Born to Wealth... Boy
Kwakou Born on Wednesday... Boy
Jawara One who loves peace... Boy
Uba Old Woman|The Wealthy|father, ... Boy
Olamilekan Lord Shiva, one of the three m... Boy
Teshi One who is ful of laughter... Unisex
Jasper Brown, Red, Or Yellow Ornament... Unisex
Ekene The one who recieves a lot of ... Unisex
Panyin A name given to the older twin... Unisex
Erhiroghene The spirit of God... Unisex
Odafe Rich individual... Boy
Ewelike It's not by power... Boy
Anubis God of the Dead|Royal Child... Boy
Chimamanda My God Will Not Fall or Fail M... Boy
Miyanda The ancestors, the beginning, ... Unisex
Anhur Sky Bearer, Or Brings Back the... Boy
Fariji He brings comfort... Boy
Silas Asked For|From the forest|Of t... Boy
Edosio Rainy day... Boy
Abdul Muiz Servant of The Giver of Might ... Boy
Oringo God is merciful|The one who li... Boy
Opeyemi I Should Give Praise... Boy
Oghenekevwe God gave me... Unisex
Husani A handsome Boy|Handsome... Boy
Nyah Means the replica or form of a... Unisex
Wanjala Brewer... Boy
Acheampong One that gave birth to the kin... Boy
Ifechukwude What God has written... Boy
Dubem The Lord is my shepherd... Boy
Nnamdi My Father is Alive and returne... Boy
Erhuvwun Beauty... Unisex
Odunayo Year of happiness... Boy
Inegbedion Nigerian term meaning family s... Boy
Un Nefer God of the dead... Boy
Enofe One who is rich... Boy
Rafiki A friend|Friend... Unisex
Goredenna Black cloud... Boy
Rashidi A wise man|Thinker; counselor.... Boy
Similoluwa Rest in the Lord... Boy
Rutendo One who has a faith... Unisex
Melokuhle Stand for what is right, One w... Unisex
Kanye Kanye means Honor, Tribute|Kan... Boy
Ghanapriya A nem that originates from the... Unisex
Horus God of Light|God of the sky|Th... Boy
Idi Born during the Idd festival... Boy
Chiumbo Kenyan word meaning 'small chi... Boy
Wambua Born during the rain|Born duri... Boy
Dada Child with curly hair|Curly Ha... Unisex
Manu Born Second|Founder Father of ... Unisex
Olajuwan The exaltation of the triumph... Unisex
Ajani African : One who fights for p... Unisex
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