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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Afghan Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute afghan baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest afghanistan, pashto, dari, muslim, islamic baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Afghan Baby Girl Names List

Afghan Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Manija A female character of Shahnama... Girl
Delbar Charming, Sweetheart, Heart Ra... Girl
Razia A happy and chosen one|Content... Girl
Sadia Happiness, luck, blissful, for... Girl
Samin One who is self disciplined|Pr... Unisex
Pakeeza A pure and affectionate indivi... Girl
Elaha An enchanting human being|Godd... Girl
Sheefta Enamoured, fascinated, charmed... Girl
Jaleela An important woman, one who is... Girl
Aman Peace|Peace, Peaceful|Peace; T... Unisex
Hasibah Noble, respected, highborn. Fe... Girl
Permaz Waiting, wait... Girl
Yagana Unique, Unprecedented|Unique, ... Unisex
Afia African - A child who is born ... Girl
Sahar Dawn|Dawn, Awakening|Dawn, Ear... Unisex
Shahla A woman of bluish-black eyes|D... Girl
Zareefa Elegant, nice, delicate, minia... Girl
Anis Amiable; Lover; Friendly; Clos... Unisex
Rukhshan Bright, brilliant... Girl
Muhsena Benevolent, beneficent. Female... Girl
Zohra Blooming; Jupiter|Jupiter|Love... Unisex
Raheel One Who Shows The Way, Fearles... Unisex
Khadeeja First wife of Prophet Muhammed... Girl
Fakhri Glory|Glory; Honorary; Gloriou... Unisex
Shamshad A tree that looks like a pine|... Unisex
Madina A Quranic name for girls that ... Unisex
Delruba Charming... Girl
Tamana Armaan; Desire; Khwaish; Wish|... Girl
Lateefa Fine; Kind; Gentle|Gentle kind... Unisex
Hareer Silk, silk cloth|Silk, softnes... Unisex
Lailoma Bright, moon-light... Girl
Yama Also the Five Moral Commandmen... Unisex
Badi A wonderful and happy human be... Unisex
Teena An Instrument|Clay|River... Girl
Pariwash Fairy - like, fairy - faced... Girl
Mahta A Moon-like individual|Like mo... Girl
Zuhrah Brightness|The Venus planet... Girl
Pashtoon Pashtoon, Afghan... Girl
Majida Exalted, Glorious|Glorious|Glo... Girl
Laila Born at night; Dark beauty; Sw... Unisex
Gulnar A plant whose flowers|Flower o... Girl
Lila Born at night / resembling a l... Unisex
Amman Faithful; Trustworthy|Peace|Tr... Unisex
Nadia Beginning|Beginning, First|Cal... Unisex
Afsoon Charm, Spell, Bewitchment|Inca... Girl
Nabila Happiness, Generosity|Noble|No... Girl
Taaraa Rocky hill, tower; Star|Self L... Girl
Morsal A flower find in the Afghan re... Girl
Taherah Clean, pure, chaste. Female of... Girl
Akram Excellent|Generous|Generous, o... Unisex
Gulrez Rose-Sprinkler|They are soft l... Unisex
Mahrokh One whose face Is like the Moo... Girl
Shima An Island Dweller|Cream, Chara... Unisex
Aqela Wise, intelligent, of ripe yea... Girl
Kosha Body; Sheath|Diligent|Kosha is... Unisex
Rafeeia elevated, noble, sublime. Fema... Girl
Insaf Equity, justice|It is a Muslim... Unisex
Forozan Luminous, bright... Girl
Shakera Thankful, grateful, contented.... Girl
Khair Good, Blessing, Boon|Good; Ble... Unisex
Zaitoon Olive|Olive; Fiery; Sower of s... Girl
Noria Light, lustre. Female of Noor... Girl
Amardad Immorality, one who is immorta... Unisex
Robeena A glowing and famous woman|Bri... Girl
Jawana Sprout, bud... Girl
Maroofa Famous, known, eminent, kindne... Unisex
Rana A beautiful looking woman|Attr... Unisex
Monesa Companion, friend. Female of M... Girl
Khadija Born prematurely|First Wife of... Girl
Shafia Intercessor, mediator. Female ... Girl
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