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Sheikh - Meaning, People, Religion, Origin, Caste, Tribes & History

Ideal Allah
Meaning Leader, Elder, Chief or an Expert on Islam
Religions Islam
Languages Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali
Country Arab Countries, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
Original Country Arab Countries
Region Middle East, Southeast Asia
Population 224 Million
Islam Denomination both Sunni and Shia Muslims
Surnames Sheikh, Abbasi, Karigar
Alternative names Sheekh, Sheik, Sheyikh, Shaykh, Shayk, Shekh, Shaik, Shaikh, Shak
Festivals Muslim Festivals

Who are Sheikh

Shaikh is an arabic word meaning an 'Elder' or 'Chief' and implies someone 'Who Executes Justice'. they were the first people to embrace Islam on the advice of prophet mohammed and were given the title of shaikh. it was originally given only to those of arabic descent but has been adopted by muslim converts from lower caste hindus.
historically, female scholars in islam were referred to as 'Shaykhah'. notable shaykha include the shaykhah fakhr-un-nisa shuhdah and al-shaykha fatima al-fudayliyya.
The shaikh are devout muslims and belong mostly to the dominant sunni sect of islam, some are shia followers.

Indian Shaikh, Sheikh Caste

In India - The most members of Hindu Kayastha community converted to Islam and adopted the Shaikh Title. the muslim kayasths use shaikhzada as their surnames, and consider themselves belonging to the shaikh community. some sub-caste of sheikh comes under in OBC Caste in India.

Shaikh Populated Indian Stetes List
West BengalBihar
Uttar PradeshAssam
Andhra PradeshTelangana
Madhya PradeshGujarat

How to become a Sheikh

Sheikh is not just a Community in Islam but also it is honorific title. take admission in authentic Jamia or Madrassah for studied and attained a degree in the fields of Hadith, Tafseer & Fiqh.

Sheikh Synonym

Meaning of Sheikh is Leader, Elder, Chief or An Expert On Islam. popular sheikh synonym are Sheekh, Sheik, Sheyikh, Shaykh, Shayk, Shekh, Shaik, Shaikh or Shak.

Femous People of the Sheikh Community

NameProfession / Popular
Rani Chatterjee (Sabiha Shaikh)Indian Film Actress
Reem ShaikhIndian Actress
Fatima Sana ShaikhIndian Film Actress
Farooq SheikhIndian Actor
Aslam ShaikhIndian Politician
Umar Shaikh Mirza IIRuler of the Fergana Valley
Sanjeeda SheikhIndian Actress
Zaib ShaikhCanadian Actor
Fahad ShaikhPakistani Actor
Mohsin ShaikhIndian Lyricist and Composer
Shaikh Abdul Hannan16th Chief of the Air Staff of the Bangladesh Air Force
Sabir ShaikhIndian Politician

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A community is a group of people living in a certain place or region or virtual platform, having a common culture, a common way of life, that meets all their needs within the community. Thus they have a sense of unity and a sense of loyalty to the community.

Notable Community List
Muslim RajputPathan

Religion List