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Pashtun (Pathan) - Tribes, Meaning, People, Religion, Beauty & History

Ideal Allah
Meaning Historically known as Afghans, are an Iranic ethnic group native to Central and South Asia
Religions Islam
Languages Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Arabic
Country Pakistan, Afghanistan, India
Populated States All state in Afghanistan, Pakistan & India
Region Central and South Asia
Population 70 Million
Islam Denomination Majority Sunni
Surnames Khan, Abdali, Hotak, Pathan
Alternative names Pathan
Festivals Muslim Festivals

Who are Pashtun

Pashtuns are historically known as afghans and they are an iranic ethnic group native to central and south asia. they have been the dominant ethnolinguistic group in afghanistan since the nation's founding. pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in afghanistan, constituting around 48% of the country's total population. pashtuns are the second-largest ethnic group in pakistan, population are35 Million approx.

The majority of pashtuns are found in the native pashtun homeland, located west of the indus river in pakistan and south of the river amu darya which is in afghanistan. this includes khyber pakhtunkhwa and northern balochistan. metropolitan centres within this area include jalalabad, quetta, kandahar, mardan, mingora and peshawar.
Outside of South and Central Asia, Pashtuns are also found in smaller numbers in the eastern and northern parts of Iran. Majority of Pashtun are Muslim others are Hindus and Sikh.

Pashtuns vs Hazaras

A Hazara is one of the Ethnic groups in afghanistan. hazara people are minorities in afghanistan. they look distinctly different than the rest of the people in afghanistan, as they have many asian features. hazaras are mainly shia muslims. hazaras and pushtons are two different ethnic groups of afghanistan. pashtuns are indo iranians by race and language. hazaras are mongols by race but iranians by language.

Pashtun religion before Islam

Pashtuns were originally Hindus. later aimed adopted Buddhism. when arabs invaded afghanistan, they referred pashtun people as indians because they had indian origin and culture.

Pashtun Physical Features

Afghan Pashtuns are so pretty. The women and men, majority are good looking. they have, "Beautiful Eyes", many of the pashtun have Green, Brown and black eyes.

Femous People of the Pashtun Community

NameProfession / Popular
Imran KhanPrime Minister of Pakistan
Shahid AfridiFormer Pakistani Cricketer
Ahmad Shah DurraniFounder of Durrani Empire
Mohammad NajibullahAfghan Politician
Sher Shah SuriSultan of the Suri Empire
Abdul Qadeer KhanNuclear Scientist, Pakistan
Ashfaqulla KhanIndian Freedom Fighter
Ayub KhanFormer Pakistani President
Amjad KhanBollywood actor
Aamir KhanBollywood Actor
Fawad KhanPakistan Actor
Saif Ali KhanBollywood Actor
Salman KhanBollywood Actor
Irrfan KhanBollywood Actor
Sara Ali KhanActress
Mahira KhanActress
Zareen KhanActress
Irfan PathanIndian Cricketer
Rashid KhanCricketer (Afghanistan)
Umra KhanThe Afghan Nepolean

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Notable Community List
Muslim RajputPathan

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