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Oswal - Meaning, People, Religion, Samaj, Gotra, Caste, Kuldevi & History

Ideal Jain Tirthankara
Meaning Oswal derived from Osiya City (Jodhpur)
Religions Jainism
Languages Hindi, Marwari
Country India, Pakistan
Original State Rajasthan
Populated States Rajasthan, Sindh (Pakistan)
Region Western India
Population 0.5 Million
Surnames Oswal
Alternative Names Oshwal or Osval
Festivals Jain Festivals

Who are Oswal

The Oswal are a jain community with origins in the marwar region of rajasthan (india) and tharparkar district in sindh (pakistan). they claim to be of rajput descent. this is perhaps the most important sub-division of the banias after the Agrawal.

Oswal Clan (Gotra)

Main Gotra (Clans) of Oswal Community list.
1. Aadityanag Gotra
2. Bappanag Gotra
3. Bhadra Gotra
4. Bhuri Gotra
5. Chinchat Gotra
6. Didu Gotra
7. Kannojiye Gotra
8. Karnat Gotra
9. Kulhat Gotra
10. Kumat Gotra
11. Laghushresthi Gotra
12. Moraksh Gotra
13. Shresthi Gotra
14. Shri Shrimal Gotra
15. Suchanti Gotra
16. Tatahar Gotra
17. Valah Gotra
18. Virharat Gotra

Marwari Oswal Meaning

The marwari or marwadi are an indian ethnic group that originate from the jodhpur region (Western Rajasthan) of india. its groups of all hindu, sikh, jain, buddhist people from western rajasthan.
The name 'Oswal' is derived from a small village named Osianor Osiya in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan (India). Once upon a time there used to be a large city on the site of Osiya (osian). In ancient times it was known as Uplesh Pattan, Urkesh, Melpur Pattan and Navmeri City.
Oswal Community is mainly belong to Marwar Region (Jodhpur Region) that's why oswal also known as marwari Oswal

Famous People of the Oswal Community

NameProfession / Popular
Motilal OswalFounder of Motilal Oswal Group
Pankaj OswalIndian Businessman
Shael OswalIndian Businessman, Pop Singer
S. P. OswalPadma Bhushan Awardee

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Community - within which all aspects of social life can be included. in which we have some degree of emotions and live in a certain area.
A community is a group of people living in a certain place or region or virtual platform, having a common culture, a common way of life, that meets all their needs within the community. Thus they have a sense of unity and a sense of loyalty to the community.

Notable Community List
Muslim RajputPathan

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