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Muslim Rajputs - Meaning, People, Religion, Origin, Caste, Tribes & History

Ideal Allah
Meaning Rajput who converted into Islam
Religions Islam
Languages Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, Hindi, Indo-Aryan
Country India, Pakistan
Populated States Punjab, Sindh, Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Rajasthan (India), Uttar Pradesh (India)
Region Northern Regions of The Indian Subcontinent
Population 15 Million
Islam Denomination Majority Sunni
Surnames Rana and Chauhan
Festivals Muslim Festivals

Who are Muslim Rajputs

Muslim Rajputs are converted from hindu rajput to islam. they descendants of rajputs. muslim rajputs can be found in punjab, sindh, azad kashmir, islamabad, khyber-pakhtunkhwa, rajasthan (india) and uttar pradesh (india).
Muslim Rajputs often retain common social practices (such as purdah), which is generally followed by hindu Rajputs

Muslim Rajput in Rajasthan

The Soomros were one of the first indigenous muslim dynasties in sindh of parmar rajput origin. the soomra ruler dodo-i established their rule from the shores of the arabian sea to the punjab in the north and in the east to rajasthan and in the west to pakistani balochistan.
Khanzada Dynasty - mewat was a kingdom in rajputana with its capital at alwar ruled by a khanzada rajput dynasty during the period of the delhi sultanate in india.
The qaimkhanis were a muslim rajput dynasty who were notable for ruling the fatehpur-jhunjhunu region in rajasthan from the 1300s to the 1700s. they were descended from Hindu chauhan rajputs.

Muslim Rajput in Bihar

The kharagpur raj was a muslim kindwar rajput chieftaincy in modern-day munger district of bihar. malkana and thakurai are a muslim rajput community found in bihar state in india.

Muslim Rajput Caste List

Majority Muslim Rajput is Sunni Muslim. popular Muslim Rajput community List

Muslim Rajput Community
Khanzada RajputsAhbans
Makwana MuslimsMalkana
ThakuraiDomaal Rajputs
KhakhaMolesalam Rajput

Femous People of the Muslim Rajputs Community

NameProfession / Popular
Jam TamachiSultan of The Samma Dynasty
Jam Nizamuddin IISultan of The Samma Dynasty
Jam Ferozudin Ruler of The Samma Dynasty
Rai Ahmad Khan KharalFreedom fighter from Punjab
Raja Hasan Khan MewatiRuler of Mewat
Dulla BhattiWho Rebel Against Akbar

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Community - within which all aspects of social life can be included. in which we have some degree of emotions and live in a certain area.
A community is a group of people living in a certain place or region or virtual platform, having a common culture, a common way of life, that meets all their needs within the community. Thus they have a sense of unity and a sense of loyalty to the community.

Notable Community List
Muslim RajputPathan

Religion List