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Marwari - Meaning, People, Religion, Samaj, Caste & History

Meaning Ethnic group that originate from Western Rajasthan
Religions Majority - Hinduism, Jainism
Minority - Christianity, Islam
Languages Marwari, Hindi
Country India, Pakistan, Nepal
Original State Rajasthan
Populated States Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh
Region Western India
Population 30 Million
Alternative Names Marwadi
Festivals Hindu and Muslim Festivals

Who are Marwari

Marwari or Marwadi is an indian ethnic group. which originates from the western region of rajasthan (india). marwari language, also known as marwari. marwari language are also found in the neighboring state of gujarat and some surrounding areas of pakistan.
The word marwari once referred to the region surrounded by the former princely state of marwar, also known as the jodhpur region of south-west rajasthan in india.
It has developed into a designation for the rajasthani people in general, but is used to refer to certain castes that fall under the bania community in particular. the most prominent of these communities are the Agrawals, Khandelwals, Maheshwari and Oswal.

They have been a highly successful business community. first as inland traders during the period of the rajput kingdoms, and later also as investors in industrial production and other areas. today, they control many of the largest media groups in the country. although spread across india, historically they have been most concentrated in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Nagpur, Pune and the hinterland of Central and Eastern India.
Marwar (also called jodhpur region) is a region of southwestern rajasthan state in north western india. this region includes the present districts of Barmer, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali and Parts of Sikar.
list of state where significate marwari population
1. Rajasthan
2. Maharashtra
3. Gujarat
4. Karnataka
5. Madhya Pradesh
6. West Bengal
7. Andhra Pradesh
8. Jharkhand

Marwaris in Nepal

3,00,000 Marwaris living Nepal thats is 1% of total nepal population. Today they are involved in many businesses, from sweet shops to the textile industry.

Marwari Caste and Surnames list
ChoudharyJoshi Rajpurohit

Famous People of the Marwari Community

NameProfession / Popular
Seth Shiv Narayan BirlaFounder of Aditya Birla Group
Jamnalal BajajFounder of Bajaj Group
Mahabirprasad PoddarFounder of BKT
Radhakishan DamaniFounder of DMart
Jaidayal DalmiaFounder of Dalmia Group
ruia brothersFounder of Essar Group
Radhe Shyam AgarwalCo-Founder of Emami Group
Sachin BansalCo-Founder of Flipkart
Binny BansalCo-Founder of Flipkart
Kishore BiyaniFounder of Future Group
O P JindalFounder of Jindal Steel and Power
Sajjan JindalFounder of JSW Group
Soorajmal JalanFounder of Linc Pen & Plastics
Desh Bandhu GuptaFounder of Lupin Limited
Bhavish AggarwalCo-Founder of Ola Cabs
Ritesh AgarwalFounder of Oyo Rooms
Ajay PiramalChairman of Piramal Group
Ramdutt Goenka[Founder of RPG Group
P D Bangur and B G BangurFounder of Shree Cement
Rohit BansalCo-Founder of Snapdeal
Kantilal ModyFounder of Supreme Industries
VS Oswal and RC OswalFounder of Vardhman Group of Companies
Anil AgarwalFounder of Vedanta Resources
Venugopal DhootFounder of Videocon Group
Balkrishan GoenkaFounder of Welspun Group
Mukesh BansalFounder of Myntra
Peeyush BansalFounder of Lenskart
Dinesh AgarwalFounder of IndiaMART
Manu AgarwalFounder of Naaptol
Deepinder GoyalFounder of Zomato

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1. Who is known as Marwari?
Ans.: Marwari or Marwadi is an indian ethnic group. which originates from the western region of rajasthan (india). marwari language, also known as marwari. marwari language are also found in the neighboring state of gujarat and some surrounding areas of pakistan.

Ques 2. What are the surnames of Marwari?
Ans.: Marwari are people who live in western region of rajasthan. many community comes under marwari. few of them are Agrawal, Khandelwals, Maheshwaris, Oswals, Garg, Bansal, Goyal, Birla, Goenka, Piramal, Biyani, Bajaj, Singhal, Jindal.

Ques 3.: Is Marwari high caste?
Ans.: Many community comes under marwari somes are upper caste and somes are lower caste. marwari community are belong to business field.

Ques 4. What is last name for Marwari?
Ans.: Many community are part of Marwari. few of them are Choudhary, Joshi, Rajpurohit, Rajput, Barjatya, Bhartia, Chandra, Dalmia, Dalmiya, Damani, Gupta, Jain, Jaiswal, Jalan, Jhawar, Jhunjhunwala, Khandelwal, Mehta.

Ques 5. In which state Marwari population is more?
Ans.: The Marwari belong to western part of Rajasthan. but present time all part of india where marwari community live with business.

Ques 6. What is the population of Marwari?
Ans.: where marwari live there business exist so it live all business city in india. total population of Marwari is 30 Million approximately.

Ques 7. what is other names for Marwari?
Ans.: Marwari are also known as Marwadi or Rajasthani.

Ques 8. what is the meaning of Marwari?
Ans.: The meaning of Marwari is Ethnic group that originate from Western Rajasthan.

Ques 9. Who are famous Marwari?
Ans.: List of Famous Personalities of Marwari community.
Seth Shiv Narayan Birla - Founder of Aditya Birla Group
Jamnalal Bajaj - Founder of Bajaj Group
Mahabirprasad Poddar - Founder of BKT
Radhakishan Damani - Founder of DMart
Jaidayal Dalmia - Founder of Dalmia Group
ruia brothers - Founder of Essar Group
Radhe Shyam Agarwal - Co-Founder of Emami Group
Sachin Bansal - Co-Founder of Flipkart
Binny Bansal - Co-Founder of Flipkart.

Ques 10. Are Marwari and Bania the same?
Ans.: Marwari and Bania the same are same. Bania is one of largest group of Marwari because Bania community contains many caste. few of them are Agrawal, Oswal, Bansal, Bajaj, Mittal.

Ques 11. why marwaris are rich?
Ans.: Marwari community is india's number one business community. one of fourth indian billionaires are marwari and marwari are also cover local business of every indian city. one line for marwari is 'Marwari are born for business'.

Ques 12. Are Marwaris vegetarian?
Ans.: Marwari community is business community, who are strictly vegetarian and prefer relatively simple (which can be eaten daily) and cheap food. Although they are popular among all vegetarians. The word 'restaurant' has practically always meant simple and cheap vegetarian food.

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