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Khatri - Meaning, People, Religion, Origin, Caste, Samaj, Gotra & History

Ideal Kuldevi Hinglaj Mata (Hindu), Guru Nanak Dev(Sikh), Allah (Muslim)
Meaning Khatri derived from Kshatriya, thats means 'Rule, Authority'
Religions Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam
Languages Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Kutchi, Gujarati, Sindhi
Country India, Pakistan
Populated States Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat (India), Punjab (India), Punjab (Pakistan), Sindh (Pakistan)
Region Northern India and Pakistan
Population 3.5 Million
Surnames Khatri, Kapoor, Khanna, Nanda, Thapar, Batra, Chopra (Sikh), Bedi (Sikh), Bhalla (Sikh), Sodhi (Sikh)
Festivals Hindu, Sikh, Muslim Festivals

Who are Khatri

The khatri are a trading and mercantile community (samaj), who originated in punjab and spread to the many states in which they now live.
There are many theories regarding their origin. one legend relates that parashurama (rama, 6th incarnation of vishnu) wanted to massacre the kshatriyas and caused every kshatriya woman to miscarry. however, some women escaped and took shelter in Brahmin (highest priestly caste) houses. the brahmin declared them to be brahmin and even ate with them in order to show parashurama that the kshatriya women were from their caste, and thus saved them. according to this story, the children born of these women became the khatri.
According to bichitra natak, said to be the autobiography of the last sikh guru, gobind singh, the bedi sub-caste of the khatris derives its lineage from kush, the son of rama.
As per historian baij nath puri, the khatris are an integral part of the old kshatriya caste. syan, h.s, says khatris considered themselves to be of pure vedic descent and thus superior to the rajputs, who like them claim the kshatriya status of the hindu varna system.

Generally, they are highly literate. they encourage both sons and daughters to study and graduate. kuldevi of khatri (hindu) is Hinglaj Mata. the khatri are 69% hindu, 22% muslim or 11% sikh by faith.

1. Hindu Khatris
The vast majority of khatris are hindu. most hindu khatris migrated to india after partition and settled in urban areas across india.

2. Sikh Khatris
All the ten sikh gurus were khatris - Guru Nanak was a bedi, guru Angad was a trehan, Guru Amar das was a bhalla, and the remainder were sodhis.
Gulaba Singh Khatri was the ruler and founder of the dallewalia misl, an 18th century state in jalandhar district.

3. Muslim Khatris
The Gujarat Sultanate (1407-1523) was a medieval muslim kingdom that was founded by Sultan Muzaffar Shah I, a tank khatri originally from southern punjab who converted to islam. he founded the ruling muzaffarid dynasty that ruled gujarat.

Popular Khatri Samaj Clans (Gotra)

Khatri Samaj Gotra List

Femous People of the Khatri Community

NameProfession / Popular
Hari Singh NalwaCommander-in-Chief of The Khalsa Army
Raja Todar MallFinance Minister of Akbar
Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad BahadurPrime Minister of Hyderabad State
Captain Vikram BatraParam Vir Chakra Awardee
Guru Nanak Dev JiFounder of Sikhism
Guru Angad DevSikh Guru
Guru Gobind SinghLast Sikh Guru
Sultan Muzaffar Shah IFounder of The Gujarat Sultanate
General Pran Nath Thapar 4th Chief of Army Staff of The Indian Army
Air Marshal Om Prakash MehraChief of Staff of The Indian Air Force
Sukhdev ThapparIndian Freedom Fighter
Mohan Singh OberoiFounder of the The Oberoi Group
Om Prakash MunjalFounder of Hero MotoCorp
Dev AnandIndian Actor
Prithviraj KapoorIndian Actor
Raj KapoorIndian Actor
Rajesh KhannaIndian Actor
Gulzarilal NandaActing Prime Minister of India
Inder Kumar Gujra12th Prime Minister of India
Dr. Manmohan Singh13th Prime Minister of India

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A community is a group of people living in a certain place or region or virtual platform, having a common culture, a common way of life, that meets all their needs within the community. Thus they have a sense of unity and a sense of loyalty to the community.

Notable Community List
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