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Chaturvedi - Meaning, People, Gotra, Religion, Origin, Caste, Samaj, Sub Caste & History

Meaning One that knows the Four Vedas
Religions Hinduism
Languages Hindi, Sanskrit
Country India
Populated States Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
Region North Central India
Population 0.1 Million
Caste Brahmin
Surnames Chaubey, Chaturvedi
Alternative Names Chaubey, Chaturvedi Brahmin
Festivals Hindu Festivals

Who are Chaturvedi

Chaturvedi belongs to uttar pradesh state of india. the surname is used by Brahmin in northern india. the word 'Chaturvedi' literally means 'knower of the four vedas'. it is used by brahmins, a related surname is chaubey, which has the same meaning. they are from the families of rishis (saints). the veda of the dakshas is rigveda. shakha is ashvalayani and kuldevi is mahavidya devi.

Chaturvedi Clans (Gotra)

List of Chaturvedi Clans (Gotra) are Below.
1. Daksha Gotra
2. Kuts Gotra
3. Vashishta Gotra
4. Bhargava Gotra
5. Bharadwaj Gotra
6. Dhaumya Gotra
7. Saushravas Gotra

Famous People of the Chaturvedi Community

NameProfession / Popular
Priyanka ChaturvediIndian Politician
Swati ChaturvediIndian Journalist
Sanjiv ChaturvediIndian Forest Service officer
Arun ChaturvediIndian Politician
Satyavrat ChaturvediIndian Politician
Arpit ChaturvediGlobal Policy Insights
Neelanshu ChaturvediIndian Politician
V. K. ChaturvediNuclear Power Expert
Abhishek ChaubeyIndian Filmmaker
Ashwini Kumar ChoubeyIndian Politician
Avani ChaturvediIndian Pilot
Juhi ChaturvediIndian Screenwriter
Siddhant ChaturvediIndian Film Actor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1. Who is known as Chaturvedi?
Ans.: Chaturvedi belongs to uttar pradesh state of india. the surname is used by Brahmin in northern india. the word 'Chaturvedi' literally means 'knower of the four vedas'.

Ques 2. What does the surname Chaturvedi mean?
Ans.: People from Chaturvedi Caste which is part of Brahmin community.

Ques 3.: Is Chaturvedi high caste?
Ans.: According to indian caste reservation Chaturvedi are considered as upper caste because its belong to Brahmin community.

Ques 4. What is last name for Chaturvedi?
Ans.: Chaubey and Chaturvedi are commons last name for Chaturvedi.

Ques 5. In which state Chaturvedi population is more?
Ans.: The Chaturvedi population are found in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan (India).

Ques 6. What is the population of Chaturvedi?
Ans.: Most of Chaturvedi community live in North Central India. total population of Chaturvedi is 0.1 Million approximately.

Ques 7. what is other names for Chaturvedi?
Ans.: Chaturvedi are also known as Chaubey.

Ques 8. what is the meaning of Chaturvedi?
Ans.: The meaning of Chaturvedi is 'One that knows the Four Vedas'.

Ques 9. Who are famous Chaturvedi?
Ans.: List of Famous Personalities of Acharya community.
Priyanka Chaturvedi - Indian Politician
Swati Chaturvedi - Indian Journalist
Sanjiv Chaturvedi - Indian Forest Service officer
Arun Chaturvedi - Indian Politician
Satyavrat Chaturvedi - Indian Politician
Arpit Chaturvedi - Global Policy Insights
Neelanshu Chaturvedi - Indian Politician.

Ques 10. Are Chaturvedi Bengali?
Ans.: No. Chaturvedi are not Bengali because most of Chaturvedi belongs to Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.

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