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Brahmin - Meaning, People, Religion, Samaj, Caste & History

Meaning Prayer and 'The Universal Soul, The Absolute', which is of Uncertain Origin
Religions Hinduism
Languages Sanskrit, Hindi, Marwari, Marathi, Bangali, Telugu
Country India
Populated States Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh
Region South Asian
Population 60 Million
Alternative Names Purohit
Scriptures Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas
Holy City Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Kanchipuram, Ujjain, Dwarka
Place of Worship Temple
Festivals Koovagam, Hindu and Muslim Festivals

Who are Brahmin

The brahmin people are a prominent Community spread across the whole of india. the brahmin are the highest of the four hindu castes, made up of priests and scholars of vedic literature and their traditional occupation is to concern themselves with the spiritual guidance of the people, conduct rites at marriages, births, deaths and other auspicious occasions.
They are also identified by names such as Pandit, Purohit, Pujari and Shastri.

The word brahmin appeared for the first time in purush-sukta, a section of the rig veda. the purush-sukta described the divine origin of human beings into the four social groups, or castes, that comprise hindu society: brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, and sudra. by the end of the rig vedic period dating 1500-1000 bc, the term was used for all members of the priestly class.
Traditionally, brahmins are designated to serve as spiritual teachers or priests. although priesthood may be a mere profession, for the brahmin spiritual wisdom is the only knowledge worth having, and the wisdom may be shared freely with others.

The brahmin has always taken an active part in politics. during the british period, brahmins were the first to respond to english education and the first to benefit from political and administrative power. since india’s independence in 1947 there has been large numbers of cabinet ministers, chief ministers, Member of Parliaments and members of the state legislative assemblies (mlas). the first and longest-ruling prime minister of india, pandit jawaharlal nehru was a brahmin. the current chief minister of uttaranchal is also a brahmin.
Literacy levels among the brahmin are very high as compared to those of other communities.
In 1931 (the last indian census to record caste), brahmans accounted for 4.32% of the total indian population. due to the diversity in language, religious and cultural traditions and practices, and the vedic schools which they belong to, there are numerous types of brahmans.

Principles of Brahmin

The dharmasutra and dharmashaastra scriptures of hinduism describe the expectations, duties and role of brahmins. The gautama's dharmasutra, the oldest of surviving hindu dharmasutras, for example, states in verse 9.54–9.55 that a brahmin should not participate or perform a ritual unless he is invited to do so, but he may attend. gautama outlines the following rules of conduct for a brahmin, in chapters 8 and 9.
1. Be always truthful
2. Teach his art only to virtuous men
3. Follow rules of ritual purification
4. Study Vedas with delight
5. Never hurt any living creature
6. Be gentle but steadfast
7. Have self-control
8. Be kind, liberal towards everyone
According to 2007 reports, brahmins in india are about 5% of its total population. the himalayan states of uttarakhand (20%) and himachal pradesh (14%) have the highest percentage of brahmin population relative to respective state's total hindus.

Types of Brahmin?

According to some scriptures and popular belief described in 'hindu castes and sects', brahmins in the indian continent are divided into two major groups.
1. Pancha Gaur (Northern India)
2. Pancha Dravida (Southern India)
List of Panch Gaur Brahmin are 1. Saraswata, 2. Kanyakubja, 3. Gaudra, 4. Utkala, and 5. Maithila
List of Panch Dravida Brahmin are 1. Andhra, 2. Dravida (Tamil and Kerala), 3. Karnataka, 4. Maharashtra, 5. Gujarat.

Who is a true Brahmin?

A true brahmin is one who has attained brahminhood not by birth but by his noble deeds. one who has attained the highest self-knowledge is a brahmin. anyone who follows the straight and narrow path of dharma and has love and compassion for all living beings is called a brahmin. a real brahman is dependent on only two factors (gunas) i.e. knowledge and renunciation.

Popular Brahmin Surnames
Bandyopadhyay / BanerjeeNathPanditAcharya
Bhattacharya / BhattacharjeePatiPathakHangloo
Chattopadhyay / ChatterjeeRathPujariJosyula
Gangopadhyay / GangulySahuRazdanKashyap
Maitra / MoitraVediSanyalSamanta
Majumdar / MazumdarVyasSastryIyengar
Mukhopadhyay / MukherjeeBhattSharmaPurohit
Tagore / ThakurDesaiShuklaDeshmukh
Fadnavis / Phadnis / PhadnavisGargeSoporiSatapati
Iyer / AiyarHegdeThakerGurukkal
Ojha / JhaJoshiTiwariKurukkal
Namboothiri / NampoorithiriNandaBagchiNavuluri
Nambissan / NambeesanPandaBhattaShrirame
Bajpai / VajpayeePatilGhoshalDasgupta
Dikshit / DixitPottiBhaduriKulkarni
Dubey / DwivediSapruBattulaUpadhyay

Famous People of the Brahmin Community

NameProfession / Popular
Parashurama6th Dashavatara of The God Vishnu
Adi ShankaraPhilosopher and Theologian
Bhaskara IIMathematician and Astronomer
Rani LakshmibaiQueen of Jhansi
Bal Gangadhar TilakIndian Nationalist
Chandra Shekhar AzadIndian Revolutionary
Baji Rao I7th Peshwa of The Maratha Empire
Jawaharlal NehruFirst Prime Minister of India
Kadambini GangulyFirst Indian Female Doctors
Srinivasa RamanujanMathematician
C. V. RamanPhysicist, Nobel Prize Awardee
Kailash SatyarthiIndian Social Reformer, Nobel Peace Prize Awardee
Syama Prasad MukherjeeFounder of Bharatiya Jana Sangh
Mamata BanerjeeIndian Politician
J. JayalalithaaIndian Politician
Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanSecond President of India
Atal Bihari VajpayeeCo-Founder of BJP
Kamal HaasanActor, Dancer, Film Director
Deepika PadukoneIndian Actress
TrishaIndian Actress
Vidya BalanIndian Actress
Manoj BajpayeeIndian Actor

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