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Bishnoi - Meaning, People, Tribe, Culture, Origin, Caste, Samaj & History

Guru Guru Jambheshwar Ji
Meaning Follow a set of 29 principles given by guru jambheshwar ji
Religions Hinduism
Languages Marwari, Hindi
Country India
Original States Rajasthan
Populated States Rajasthan
Region Western India
Population 1 Million
Surnames Bishnoi
Alternative Names PrahladPanthi, Vishnoi
Festivals Khejarli Fair, Guru Jambhaji Jayanti and Hindu Festivals

Who are Bishnoi

Bishnoi are a sub-sect of the vaishnav sampraday. they follow a set of 29 principles given by guru jambheshwar ji that why they are called bishnoi (20 + 9).

Bishnoi Panth was founded by shree guru jambheshwar (1451-1536), also known as 'Jambhoji'. bishnoi are known for environment and animals lover. approximately 1000 bishnoi living in pakistan they speak saraiki and urdu languages.

Bishnoi Movement (Khejarli Massacre)

The khejarli massacre was an event in september 1730 in which 363 bishnois were killed while trying to peacefully protect a grove of khejri trees. the soldiers were sent by the maharaja of marwar, abhai singh to cut the trees in the village of khejarli to provide wood for a new palace. the killings were carried out on the orders of his minister giridhar bhandari.
Led by a woman named amrita devi bishnoi, the villagers refused to surrender their trees to the raj's soldiers. amrita stated that the khejri trees were sacred to the bishnois, and her faith prohibited her from allowing the trees to be cut down.
The situation escalated, and the marwan party offered to leave the village's khejri trees alone in exchange for a bribe. however, this was seen as a grievous insult to the bishnoi faith, and amrita announced that she would rather die than allow the trees to be cut down. she and her family began hugging the khejris, shielding the trees with their bodies. angered by the rebuke, the marwans beheaded amrita and three of her daughters before beginning to cut down the trees.
363 bishnois killed, tree harvesting halted and outlawed in the village.the effort had a long term impact on environmental advocacy, and the massacre later became known as a precursor to the 20th century chipko movement.

29 Principles which given by Jambhoji

Sr. No.Principles
1Observe the ritual impurity of 30 days after the birth of the child and keep the mother and child away from household activities.
2Observe a five-day segregation from households activities such as cooking food, serving water, etc. while a woman is in her menses.
3Bathe daily in the morning before sunrise.
4Obey the ideal rules of life: Modesty, patience, or satisfactions, cleanliness.
5Pray twice a day (morning and evening).
6Eulogise God, Vishan, in the evening (Aarti)
7Perform yagya (havan) in the spirit of benevolent devotion and love.
8Use filtered water, milk and clean firewood or use cooking fuel by removing the organisms around it.
9Speak pure words with complete truth.
10Practice forgiveness and kindness from the heart.
11Be sincerely kind.
12Not stealing or having any intention of committing.
13Do not condemn or blaspheme.
14Don't lie.
15Do not indulge in dispute/debate or conflicts.
16Fast on Amavasya.
17Worship and recite Lord Vishnu in adoration.
18Have mercy on all creatures and love them.
19Don't cut green trees, save the environment.
20Keep away from crushing lust, anger, greed and attachment. Use your strength for the right cause and fight for the cause till your last breath. It will take you to heaven while alive or after death.
21Cook one's own food and keep it pure from all surroundings.
22Provide shelters for abandoned animals to avoid them from being slaughtered in abattoirs.
23Do not sterilize bulls.
24Do not use or trade opium.
25Do not smoke or use tobacco or its products.
26Do not take cannabis or cannabis.
27Do not consume alcohol/liquor.
28Don't eat meat, always be a pure vegetarian.
29Do not use violet-blue color extracted from indigo plant.

What is the difference between Jat and Bishnoi?

Bishnoi is a religious sect started by saint jambho ji, he made 29 rules for living better lifes, the one who followed him were known as bishnoi(20 + 9). while Jat is different tribe, caste and religious identity. you can't say 'Pakistani' to call themselves 'Arab' on basis of Islam religion, same way tribe and religious sect are two different dimension.

Are Bishnoi Rajputs?

Bishnoi and Rajput are two different caste in Hinduism but Founder of Bishnoi Guru Jambheshwar was born in a Hindu Rajput family of the Panwar clan in the village of Pipasar, Nagaur district (Rajasthan). Guru Jambheshwar founded the Bishnoi sub-sect of Vaishnava Sampradaya. His teachings were in the poetic form known as Shabadwani.

Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi Village is located 22 km away from the Jodhpur city (Rajasthan). it attracts numerous visitors and tourists from all around the world. The village safari is a great option for tourists.
Bishnoi villagers are particularly keen to protect nature, especially plants and animal species. Bishnoi tribals are worshippers of Lord Vishnu (Hinduism). Their diet constitutes of pure vegetarian dishes (One of the principles of Jambhaji).

Famous People of the Bishnoi Community

NameProfession / Popular
Guru Jambheshwar JiFounder of Bishnoi
Amrita DeviSacrificed for Saving Trees
Ravi BishnoiCricketer
Pooja BishnoiAthletes and Cricketer
Kuldeep BishnoiPolitician
Chaitanya BishnoiCricketer
Renuka BishnoiPolitician
Ranaram BishnoiEnvironmentalist

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Community - within which all aspects of social life can be included. in which we have some degree of emotions and live in a certain area.
A community is a group of people living in a certain place or region or virtual platform, having a common culture, a common way of life, that meets all their needs within the community. Thus they have a sense of unity and a sense of loyalty to the community.

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