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Ansari - Meaning, People, Religion, Origin, Caste, Tribes & History

Ideal Allah
Meaning Supporter
Religions Islam
Languages Urdu, Hindi, Arabic
Country Pakistan, India, Nepal
Populated States Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Sindh (Pakistan)
Region Central India, Sindh (Pakistan)
Population 0.3 Million
Islam Denomination Sunni
Surnames Ansari
Alternative Names saudagar, Momin-Ansari, Julaha, Asar
Festivals Muslim Festivals

Who are Ansari

Ansari is an arabic word which the means 'Those Who Support'. ansar originated from the medinan people who assisted the prophet mohammed as he moved from Mecca to Medina.
The ansaris now reside in most countries of south asia with large populations in india, pakistan, bangladesh and nepal. in north india, the community are known as ansari or sheikh, while in maharashtra the community are known as momin or saudagar.
The ansaris of north india are mainly a landlord community and they have always been connected with the textile work.
After the independence of pakistan in 1947, many members of the momin ansari community migrated to pakistan and settled mainly in the sindh province.

Ansari Caste

Ansari comes under in obc caste in many indian states. the ansaris are muslims of the sunni sect. historically, the community produced the sage, scholars and philosopher. the ansari are an urdu-speaking community, although the ansari clan of gujarat have gujarati as their mother tongue.

Femous People of the Ansari Community

NameProfession / Popular
Aziz AnsariAmerican Actor, Comedian
Mohammad Hamid Ansari12th Vice President of India
Bushra AnsariPakistani Actress
Anousheh AnsariCo-Founder of Prodea Systems
Mukhtar Ahmed AnsariIndian Nationalist and Political Leader
Mariam AnsariPakistani Actress
Abbas AnsariIndian Shooter
Khwaja Abdullah AnsariKnown as Pir-i Herat
Nazenin AnsariIranian Journalist
Ali AnsariPakistani Actor, Model
Abu Ayyub al-AnsariClosest Companion of Muhammad
Imran Raza AnsariPolitician and Religious Scholar

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